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CIS 105 Chapt. 5 Notes

by: Brigette Maggio

CIS 105 Chapt. 5 Notes CIS 105

Brigette Maggio
GPA 3.9
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy

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About this Document

These notes cover CIS 105 Chapt. 5.
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy
Class Notes
CIS 105
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brigette Maggio on Monday January 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Wood, McCarthy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see Computer Appls&Info Technology in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 01/04/16
CIS 105 10615 McCarthy Chapter 5 Applications Midterm covers 9 chapters up to today 106 Wood and McCarthy lectures Application Software doesn t turn on doesn t even exist without system software Application Software Performs tens of thousands of specific tasks for an enduser Spreadsheets Database Presentations etc Extremely powerful Needs system software operating system to work never underestimate the power of application software The chances that it will not do what you want are remote The endusers attitude when using application software is extremely important Knowing an application software can do a specific task is paramount in learning users attitude is crucial 93 chance that when you get your first job you ll be using a PC Gaantgt chart that s made where his brother works for a construction company Business Application Software Suites Application Softwares sold together in one package Three to five basic business applications Spreadsheet Database Word Processor Presentation software Project Management Software Applications that work alone or together Facilitates easeofuse Similar functionality Similar Graphical User Interface GUI Presented in windows Multitasking Like elements like Ribbons Can you run more than 2 system softwares in a row no Can you run more than 2 applications in a row yes long part in word excelgtribbon Microsoft Word is 1 Word Processing Software first thing you need to start a business money give them business plan 39m quotey Omy has tWO waysbuy stuff or sell stuff Word Processing Software For creating documents Updating documents Editing documents Saved to secondary memory Microsoft Word vs Adobe Acrobat Which one is better Jtdepends Spreadsheets nterface of information in a grid form Separated by columns and rows Often for financial calculations Supports graphing Provide a whatif scenario refer to bookgtemyth entrepreneurish Excel Example rent and salaryfixed rate dollar sign in excel absolute chocolate and special ingredientvariable rate bank wants you to predict 3 years in the future losing money at the beginning isn t a good or bad thing just a learning experience to put in numbers to see how much it pays off make one more for your significant other Database Software Well thought out collection of files Consists of records row Separated by fields columns Can be queried Often called a Database Management System DBMS Database software is one of the most commonly used in business and perhaps the most important A database query is only limited by imagination and the fields in the database Querying is the most important function in a DBMS where you can ask it a question and it assists and gives you information Presentation Software Displays information Often in a slide show Often onscreen Projected for an audience Very easy to build Allows user to Edit update insert and delete text nclude graphics lnclude video lnclude hypertext Should a presentation include more than 7 lines of text and more than 7 words in a sentence no Presentations should enhance a presentation not be read word for word most important thing Sharing Information Between Applications A singular proposal is made using Microsoft s Excel and Word Calculations are made in Excel and need to be reflected in the Word portion of the proposal What is the best way to share data between the two 3 ways to do so Cut amp Paste Copy amp Paste Static Copy amp paste the appropriate number from Excel to Word If the Excel calculation changes will it be reflected in Word OLE Object Linking amp Embedding Embedding Static Like Copy amp Paste allows user to embed an entire section from one application to another but still static OLE Object Linking amp Embedding Linking Dynamic Like embedding but if the source file changes it will be reflected in the destination file Specialized Application Software lmage Editing Software like Adobe Photoshop Raster graphics Vector graphics Web Authoring Application Software like Adobe Dreamweaver lntention Viewers Content Design layout Search Engine Optimization SEO Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer ntranet Enterprise Resource Planning Systems ERPs ncorporates all data and processes of a business into one integrated system Singe database SAP AG PeopeSoft Collaborative Application Software Conversationa Interaction Digita Interaction Webinar Skype


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