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CIS 105 Chapt. 8 Notes

by: Brigette Maggio

CIS 105 Chapt. 8 Notes CIS 105

Brigette Maggio
GPA 3.9
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy

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About this Document

These notes cover CIS 105 Chapt. 8.
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy
Class Notes
CIS 105
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brigette Maggio on Monday January 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Wood, McCarthy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Computer Appls&Info Technology in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 01/04/16
CIS 105 112415 Chapter 8 Networks network Two or more computers connected to each other to share resources like Folders and files Software Hardware Scanners Printers Webcams Consider a network made up of three computers Clients connected to one computer called a Server The server is connected to a printer and a scanner peripheral devices enabling all three clients to use them Any device connected to a network is called a node 10 computers that all standalone 10 computers if they would have been hooked up would have been called clients Network Advantages Consider a business that tries to save money by not purchasing a network or network software Although their initial capital outlay is smaller than the same size business that chooses to buy a network they suffer from many disadvantage Economic disadvantage With no network each computer would need their own peripheral devices like printers With a network only one shared printer is needed Software Software can be loaded on a server for all clients to use whereas a business with standalone computers needs software loaded on individual boxes Collaboration Networks allow businesses to share and collaborate on projects most important you can do with a network is collaborate it Internet Networks allow businesses to share Internet whereas standalone computers need their own individual Internet connection Building a Computer Network All networks require four basic components 1 Network Interface Controller Card NlC Plugged into the motherboard to interface and connect with other computers NIC card has a MAC address on it computer s name MAC spoofing where you can send out a different MAC address and IP number 2 Protocol rulesTCPP controls how data and information is shared between computers 3 Cables Cables connect servers to clients which can sometimes be replaced through wireless connections Coaxial Cables 4 Hub Typically the central location of a network server that serves to run the network smoothly Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCPIP When sending a file from one computer to another the file is broken down into smaller files called packets The packets arrive at the receiving computer and must be reassembled correctly to guarantee the receiving computer gets a file that will work not corrupted User Datagram Packets Break large files into packets but unlike TCPIP allows a user to use the incoming file Would YouTubecom exist without UDP User Datagram Packets operating system runs on a standalone computer a standalone computer that s not connected to anything is garbage A Network Operating System NOS is similar to a standalone platform but responsible for much more Automatic hardware detection The N08 recognizes it when it becomes part of the network Supports multiprocessing which allows several processes to occur at one time Recognizes who is using the network Provides security Network Administrator Responsible for smooth network operations Network performance mpementation of new nodes and users Strong business background makes sure it runs smoothly have a strong business background spreadsheets are not networkable database file works on a network server Network Topology Refers to the mapping of a physical network and logical interconnections between nodes Basically the way a network is arranged and laid out Bus Topology Sometimes called a linear bus topology where the network s nodes are connected to a common linear backbone with two endpoints If the backbone fails the whole network fails Star Topology One central server in which clients connect in a spokelike fashion or star If the server fails the network fails Most common topology network will go out if the server goes out Ring Topology Data is transferred between computers in a circular manner napster is illegal making a copy of a book is illegal peertopeer client and server Types of Computer Networks Local Area Network LAN A small network typically confined by a single building Often used by smaller businesses Campus Area Network CAN Connects two or more LANs which are located on universities or large businesses LANs are assigned to business areas like Accounting Metropolitan Area Network MAN A computer network that connects CANs and LANs into a larger network that covers an entire city Wide Area Network WAN Connects LANs CANs and MANs and can cover an entire country Peer to Peer P2P Generally connect computers to each other Exp LimeWire BitTorrent olnternet The world s largest network interconnecting public private commercial and governmental networks Network Security Starts with a solid understanding of network threats Network administrators must adopt policies which define rules for network access Passwords A secret word or combination of keyboard characters typed in by the user to authenticate their identity to a network and gain appropriate access Strong Passwords Same as passwords but requires a user to use upper case characters lower case characters numbers and special characters Passphrase a phrase that is a Strong Password Web Browsing on a Network Part of network security includes policies and procedures regarding employee s web browsing Should a business let employees browse on the Web Email Instant Messaging On a business network consider that all email and instant message is recorded and saved therefore policies and procedures must be in place regarding appropriate usage Permissions Network access is called permissions which grants and denies access to a network depending on the user Firewall Hardware and software on a proxy server that determines who is allowed on a network and who is not acts as a gatekeeper is on a proxy server and you get an intranet


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