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CIS 105 Chapt. 9 Notes

by: Brigette Maggio

CIS 105 Chapt. 9 Notes CIS 105

Brigette Maggio
GPA 3.9
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy

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About this Document

These notes cover CIS 105 Chapt. 9.
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy
Class Notes
CIS 105
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brigette Maggio on Monday January 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Wood, McCarthy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Computer Appls&Info Technology in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 01/04/16
CIS 105 111015 McCarthy Chapter 9 Internet you do not visit a website a website visits you nternet History In the 1960s scientists working for the United States Air Force researched ways to make a highly robust network that would continue to work even if part of the network was damaged client person reaching server server who the paper was passed to In 1969 the Advanced Research Project Agency Network ARPANET made similar networks at the University of California at Los Angeles UCLA that connected them and would eventually be come to known as the Internet Until about 1990 there was no common language of the Internet and it remained the domain of scientists and academicians Iargest network in the world is the Internet Around 1990 Tim BernersLee invented a standard language of the Internet call Hypertext Markup Language HTML HTMLis a platform neutral language which means it will work on all operating systems like Windows Mac OS Linux and UNIX Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP was developed as a means to transfer information in a standard fashion so all computers on the Internet could receive data and information how the paper made it to the guy Once HTML and HTTP were in place the World Wide Web WWW was born as was browsing software which enabled users nternet and World Wide Web Structure The Internet is a client server modeI Reduce the Internet to 11 computers 10 clients connected to 1 server Each of the 10 clients is named 1 through 10 giving it an Internet Protocol Address IP for identification purposes On each numbered cIient resides file called indexhtm which is a homepage of a website If a web surfer wanted to access the homepage on computer 7 they would type 7indexhtm differentiating it from any other homepage Multiply the example above by millions of computers on the Internet all with unique Internet Protocol Addresses acronym for URL Uniform Resource Locator Internet Protocol Address With millions of computers connected to the Internet it is important to come up with an address system to identify every one of them IP addresses are actually a 32 bit number like 1292191058 Protocol http 1292191058 http 1292191058 Websites have addresses called Uniform Resource Locators URLslike httpwwwyahoocom that mask the IP address httpwwwyahoocom is the same as http 1292191058 http is Hypertext Transfer Protocol www is World Wide Web yahoo is the Domain Name and com is the Domain Code Common Domain Codes com Commercial edu Educational mil Military gov Governmental org Organization net Network Websites Web pages computer files on a server which can be requested by a client and displayed with browser software Web pages are programmed with HTML which can display text images hyperlinks videos and much more Hyperlinks are a clickable navigation element to access another IP address what US Supreme court says about porn I don t know what it is but I ll know it when I ll see it acp links are adult porn sites UN wants to be in charge of the internet if the internet is a part of the government and no one is in charge there would be anarchy however you and every business depends on the internet Websites lmportant aspects of websites are Content most important lnteractivity Design Browser Application Software Provides a GUI interface Graphical User Interface or gooey which allows a user to display text images and other information on the World Wide Web Top Browsers Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Internet Explorer Apple Safari Browser Features Bookmarks Favorites Caching papers that went back to the original site Cookies Graphic Files JavaScript Security Pop Up Blockers Usability Internet Service Providers ISP Business that provides a way to access the Internet Broadband Internet Access is a high transmission rate Internet connection lnternet Host Services hold content on the World Wide Web java script is a client side program Search Engines Websites that let users type in specific keywords or phrases and then returns a list of hits hyperlinks that best match the search criteria Top Search Engines Googlecom Bingcom Yahoocom Askcom Aolcom myWebSearchcom Blekkocom Lycoscom oDogPilecom Metasearch engine WebCrawlercom ECommerce Distribution buying advertising and marketing of goods or services over the World Wide Web Businesses can enhance their scope by opening a virtual storefront on the Web which is based completely on the Internet BusinesstoBusiness BZB Businesses selling exclusively to businesses on the Web BusinesstoConsumer 32C Businesses selling exclusively to consumers on the Web ConsumertoConsumer C2C Consumers selling exclusively to consumers on the Web ECommerce Important to remember that ecommerce is still the process of doing business and all business rules and concepts still apply Virtual storefronts still need capable management well organized business structure good customer service inventory controls a clear business plan market research and much more ECommerce requires a business to investigate how it does business on the web and often streamline its business process and understand it agility Security Many users of the Web develop a false sense of security by trying to avoid malicious websites unfortunately that s not enough Security Pitfalls Browser hijacking Viruses Worms Trojan Horses Spyware Adware Email Security Spam and phishing are common email scams that can lead to malware on a computer or an entire network Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP Routing of voice conversations using the Internet as an infrastructure and a subset of telephony Intranet A private version of the Internet confined within an organization protected by a firewall most important part is privacy myasu intranet has worldwide distribution


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