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week 3 class notes

by: Nate Dickstein

week 3 class notes 105

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > 105 > week 3 class notes
Nate Dickstein
GPA 3.55
Biology of Social Issues
Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos

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About this Document

Here are the class notes for the 3rd week of classes from Monday, February 2 to Friday, February 6. Unfortunately, because of the snow day on Monday, we only met twice in class this week
Biology of Social Issues
Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nate Dickstein on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 105 at University of Massachusetts taught by Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Class 62415 o No diagnosis of GTE in living people don39t have the technology currently there is some promise of some tests but nothing conclusive yet o How to respond with the concussion crisis Dont play football Morality problem with football o What if trauma to the CNS disrupts the blood supply 0 This is called a stroke 0 stroke brain attack is a loss of brain function due to a disturbance in the blood supply used to be called apoplexy which means to strike down o Who can get a stroke anyone 25 under the age of 65 risk doubles every decade between 55 and 85 4th leading cause of death in the US 795000 deaths each year c 2 types of strokes lschemic vast majority of strokes are ischemic bockade by blood clot or buildup of plaque or fatty deposit Hemorrhagic only 13 of strokes are hemorrhagic but it is more lethal with more than 30 of stroke deaths brain blood vessel breaks leaking blood into the brain o what happens during a stroke depending on where the stroke occurs there are different kinds of deficits typically affects one side of the brain more than the other symptoms facial expression on one side arm or leg movement on one side numbness speech vision confusion memory mood changes loss of bladder or bowel control Class 72615 o what are the risk factors of stroke uncontrollable age gender men more than woman race African Americans more than others family history prior stroke potentially controllable factors high blood pressure cigarette smoking alcohol intake identify atrial fibrillation know cholesterol levels contro diabetes manage exercise and diet treat circulatory problems act fast Fface ask the person to smile does one side droop Aarms ask the person to raise both arms does one arm drift downward Sspeech ask the person to repeat a phrase is it hard to speak Ttime if you observe any of those signs call 911 immediately how do you treat a stroke medicine to treat blood clots tissue plasminogen activator TPA remove plaque open blocked arteries These methods don t work for all strokes Why because it depends on what kind of stroke the patient has for example TPA doesn t work on hemorrhagic strokes lschemic use TPA hemorrhagic surgery or lower blood pressure what about long term both spinal cord and brain have very limited capacity to regenerate are there any warning signs about strokes Transient lschemic attack TIA mini stroke 30 o40 o of all people who have a TIA will go on to have a stroke What are the symptoms of TIA one or more of these symptoms for up to 24 hours sudden numbness weakness confusion trouble seeing from one or both eyes sudden trouble walking


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