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Practice Notes

by: Mason Stoufer

Practice Notes Acct 215

Mason Stoufer
GPA 2.95

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About this Document

Practice Materials
Business Law
Michael Bootsma
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Stoufer on Thursday January 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Acct 215 at Iowa State University taught by Michael Bootsma in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Business Law in Business at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 01/07/16
A CCT 215 - SECTIONS C (8:00 AM ), A (9:00 AM ) & B (11:00 A M ) GERDIN 1148 S PRING 2016 Instructor: Michael J. Bootsma, JD, CPA Office: 3141 Gerdin Business Building E-Mail: Office hours: MWF 10am – 10:50am st Text: Comprehensive Business Law, Bootsma et al. Revised 1 edition Prerequisites: Sophomore classification * I will award 40 points (maximum & no more) through quizzes either in class or online. See below for remaining 340 points awarded through tests. Total class points = 380. There are no make-ups for quizzes or tests!!! DATE SUBJECT READING ASSIGNMENT Jan 11 Introduction to Law and Ethics Chapter 1 13 Introduction to Law and Ethics Chapter 1 15 Introduction to Law and Ethics Chapter 1 18 No Class – MLK Day 20 Court Procedure Chapter 2 22 Court Procedure Chapter 2 25 Court Procedure Chapter 2 27 Constitutional Law Chapter 3 29 Constitutional Law Chapter 3 Feb 1 Constitutional Law Chapter 3 3 Exam 1 (70 points) 35 mc questions 5 Intentional and Unintentional TorChapter 4 8 Intentional and Unintentional TorChapter 4 10 Intentional and Unintentional TorChapter 4 (Career fair) 12 Criminal Law Chapter 5 15 Criminal Law Chapter 5 17 Criminal Law Chapter 5 19 Intellectual Property Law Chapter 6 22 Intellectual Property Law Chapter 6 24 Exam 2 (70 Points) 35 mc questions 26 Contracts: Introduction Chapter 7 29 Contracts: Agreement Chapter 7 Mar 2 Contracts: Agreement Chapter 7 4 Contracts: Consideration Chapter 8 7 Contracts: Capacity and Legality Chapter 8 9 Contracts: Statute of Frauds Chapter 9 11 Contracts: Mistake, Fraud, and Chapter 9 Consent 14-18 Spring Break 21 Contracts: Performance and Chapter 10 Discharge 23 Contracts: Breach & Remedies Chapter 10 25 Contracts: 3 Party Rights Chapter 10 (Last day to drop course) 28 R EVIEW FOEXAM 3 30 E XAM 3 – 100POINTS 33-35 mc questions April 1 Property Law Chapter 11 4 Property Law Chapter 11 6 Property Law Chapter 11 8 Consumer Law Chapter 12 11 Consumer Law Chapter 12 13 Employment Law & Discrimination Chapter 13 15 Employment Law & Discrimination Chapter 13 18 Employment Law & Discrimination Chapter 13 20 Secured Transactions & Chapter 14 Bankruptcy 22 Secured Transactions & Chapter 14 Bankruptcy 25 Agency, Corporate and PartnershiChapter 15 Law 27 Agency, Corporate and PartnershiChapter 15 Law 29 Agency, Corporate and PartnershiChapter 15 Law May Finals FINALE XAM – 100 OINTS (NOT Time To be announced – 33-35 MC 2 Week COMPREHENSIVE) Questions Grading Scale  (% of points earned out of 380 points)   87%- 77%- 67%- B+ 89% C+ 79% D+ 69% 59% 93%- 83%- 73%- 63%- A 100% B 86% C 76% D 66% F & below A- 90%- B- 80%- C- 70%- D- 60%- 92% 82% 72% 62% Disabilities:  If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact me early in the semester so that your  learning needs may be appropriately met.  You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Disability Resources (DR) office, located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076, 515­294­6624. You must present me with  your accommodations paper work one week before an exam or the accommodations will not work for that exam.  Harassment and Discrimination ISU strives to maintain our campus as a place of work and study for faculty, staff, and students that is free of all forms of  prohibited discrimination and harassment based upon race, ethnicity, sex (including sexual assault), pregnancy, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or  status as a U.S. veteran. Any student who has concerns about such behavior should contact his/her instructor, Student  Assistance at 515­294­1020 or email dso­, or Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance at 515­294­7612. Religious Accommodation: If an academic or work requirement conflicts with your religious practices and/or observances,  you may request reasonable accommodations. Your request must be in writing, and your instructor or supervisor will review  the request.  You or your instructor may also seek assistance from the Dean of Students Office or the Office of Equal  Opportunity and Compliance. Ethical Conduct:  You are expected to follow the College of Business Professional Standards and Expectations. Academic  honesty is particularly important to me. Any student caught cheating on an exam will automatically fail the exam and possibly  the course and will be reported to the Dean of Students. See the Conduct Code at for more details and a full explanation of the Academic Misconduct policies. Class Absences:   In­class quizzes   cannot be made up after the quiz has been given    or before it has been given to the   class   . You have to be present in class the day of the quiz. There are no exceptions. Similarly, online quizzes in Blackboard will not have their due dates extended. The policies regarding in­class quizzes and online quizzes have no exceptions.  My quiz  policy applies to all situations including but not limited to, technology issues, Blackboard issues, illness, hospitalization,  reoccurring medical issues which cause you not to come to class, school sponsored trips and activities, non­school sponsored  trips and activities, death of a family member, death of a friend’s family member, personal crisis (example, your honey­do  dumped you), car problems, earthquakes, snow storms, temperamental family members, friends who need attention, family  vacations, incarceration (jail time), oversleeping, and of course, food poisoning from takeout food.   Exams: Exams are very important as they constitute a large part of your grade. I do not give make­up exams after the exam  has been given to the rest of the class. If a student is going to miss an exam for a legitimate reason (examples include but are  not limited to: funeral, required school function, surgery, military service), you need to let me know as soon as possible and at  least one week prior to an exam. It is MY discretion whether or not accommodations will be made.  If you oversleep, then get  here as soon as you can and find me.  If you become ill then call me before the exam begins at my ISU phone number 515­ 294­8337 and email me.  They key is to contact me as soon as possible in the event an emergency arises.   If you come to the wrong section time to take your exam or quiz, I will give you a zero on your exam or quiz.  If you  ask me about switching sessions to take your exam or quiz at a different time, I will also give you a zero on the  exam/quiz.   Class Outcomes:  1) Understand the classifications and sources of US law 2) Understand the structure of the federal and state court systems 3) Identify key Constitutional law issues affecting businesses 4) Understand the process of ethical decision making 5) Distinguish between the definitions and elements of key torts and related defenses 6) Distinguish between the definitions and elements of key crimes and related defenses 7) Identify key legal concepts associated with intangible property 8) Understand and apply basic contract law principles 9) Understand basic bankruptcy proceedings and concepts 10) Identify key legal issues in business formations and agency relationships 11) Identify employment rights and obligations of both workers and employers 12) Obtain a basic familiarity with consumer law as well as environmental law principles


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