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Physics 1220 week 1 notes

by: Benjamin Helmericks

Physics 1220 week 1 notes 80220 - PHYS 1220 - 003

Benjamin Helmericks
GPA 3.2
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About this Document

Covers the syllabus and chapter 1
Physics with Calculus I
Lih-sin The
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Benjamin Helmericks on Saturday January 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 80220 - PHYS 1220 - 003 at Clemson University taught by Lih-sin The in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 305 views. For similar materials see Physics with Calculus I in Physics 2 at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 01/09/16
Physics 1220 ­ Dr. Lih­Sin Thé 1/6/16 – 1/8/16 Syllabus TL:DR Contact info Office Kinard Hall 120D Phone (864)656­1644 Email Office Hours MWF 11:00­12:15      TTh 9:30­12:15pm   1:30­5:30pm 1:30­5:30pm Help/Study sessions Time Location Through Monday 9­12pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Monday 11am – 1pm ASC 1  floor ASC Tutors Monday 1­4pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center st Monday 5­7pm ASC 1  floor ASC Tutors Monday 6:30­7:50pm ASC 316 SI Matthew Fleck Tuesday 9­12pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Tuesday 1­6pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Tuesday 7­8pm Kinard G01 Dr. Lih­Sin The Tuesday 8:00­9:20pm Daniel 217 SI Tal Wanish Wednesday 9­12pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Wednesday 11am – 1pm ASC 1  floor ASC Tutors Wednesday 1­6pm Kinardst23B Physics Learning Center Wednesday 3­5pm ASC 1  floor ASC Tutors Wednesday 6:30 – 7:50pm ASC 316 SI Matthew Fleck Wednesday 8:00 – 9:20pm Daniel 415 SI Cameron Arnold Thursday 9­12pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Thursday 1­6pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Thursday 7­9pm 100B Daniel Dr. Lih­Sin The Friday 9­12pm Kinard 223B Physics Learning Center Sunday 8:00­9:20pm Daniel 415 SI Cameron Arnold Grade Breakdown: Test 1 15% Visual Breakdown Test 2 15% Test 1 Homework Test 3 15% Final 25% Test 2 Class  10% Class Quizzes Quizzes Homework 20% Total 100% Test 3 Final Chapter 1: Physics: the study of the observable, its laws describe the way the natural world functions. Laws: a proven fact of how the world work; discovered not invented; extensively tested Concepts: non­physical ideas created in order to describe laws Physics uses SI units for its measurements (meters[m], seconds[s]2 kilograms[kg]) and all other  measurements are based off of these basics (speed [m/s], Newtons [kg*m/s ]). Some useful conversion factors            Common prefixes 1 in 2.54 cm Mega­ x106 M 1 mi 1.609 km Kilo­ x103 K ­2 1 mph 0.447 m/s Centi­ x10 C 1 m 39.37 in Milli­ x10­3 M 1 km 0.621mi Micro­ x10­6 u ­9 1 m/s 2.24 mph Nano­ x10 n In order to convert similar units, the original units must be canceled out leaving the new units 6 mi 1 hr 1609 m 29 m 1 hr 3600 s 1 mi  1  s Basic rules of units: 1. Only add or subtract same units 2. Both sides of an equal sign need to have same units 3. Trig, log, and exponential functions are dimensionless Dimensional analysis uses the above rules in order to check an equation. This is done by  breaking down each side of an equation into its units, and making sure that the equation follows  the rules of units. Significant figures indicate the level of precision of a measurement, and should be maintained  from the beginning to the end of a problem, with the lowest number of significant figures given  being the same as the significant figures of your answer. Rules for significant figures: 1. Nonzero digits are significant  2. Zeros between nonzero digits are significant 3. Trailing zeros are significant if a decimal point is present 4. All other zeros are insignificant Scientific notation is used in order to show correct significant figures, is in the form of A x 10 x Ex: 12 x 10  instead of 12000 Due next week: th Tuesday, January 12  WebAssign Tutorial th Wednesday, January 13  First Top Hat Quiz  th Thursday, January 14  Ch. 1 ­ Homework


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