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Week 14 Notes

by: Katie Warren

Week 14 Notes Psyc 3221

Katie Warren
GPA 3.48

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About this Document

This was a great week with some really hot topic notes!!
Social Psychology
Kendell Thornton
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Warren on Friday April 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3221 at East Carolina University taught by Kendell Thornton in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 04/08/16
Week 14 Social Psychology 4/6/16 Cap on last week: Frustration Aggression-any attempts of yours to reach a goal is ruined Reformulated aggression: the unpleasant feelings have to be there, you didn’t get aggressive because the role was ruined, but you have a separate event blocking your goal. It will be an emotional aggression when we have negative feelings about the goal being blocked. This is emotional aggression. New lesson: Drugs & Aggression Alcohol: increased aggression. With higher doses of alcohol aggression is decreased, but the purer the alcohol the more aggression the person has. Like with moonshine. The components make the flavor and color different. The darker colored alcohol has the higher hangover. And they also have the good odor. Alcoholics move more towards the vodka because it is less of a hangover but more aggression so they can get away with it longer without as much recovery. With less color: lowers inhibition to think rationally. With alcohol we don’t repress the aggressive tendencies. Marijuana: if you are an aggressive person then it can make you more aggressive. Most research had shown propaganda. Also with marijuana the effect is mellowing. Class 1, no medicinal benefit: hallucinogen and is a narcotic. Crack is a class 2. Marijuana can make your body less functional. And if you have a predisposed mental illness it could bring that out: It enhances our mental illnesses and brings them out. The propaganda research is changing and now were getting real info. Marijuana makes you stupid, that’s why they call it dope. The drugs change your state of mind and the people get this way so they can check out for a while. There is more uses for marijuana than so many other drugs! The lung cancer comes from taking in the particles from the smoke. Pot makes you dumb in the moment. It doesn’t last and your memory comes back, but it does not kill brain cells. It is deposited into fat cells, so it is mild and cheap, not lasting. It sticks around in the fatty deposits so drug tests can take it as positive for a long time. AGRESSION: So much crime and aggression is found here in Greenville, there are 70,000 people here and that is tiny. So the crime here is just not right. What is going on here that makes the crime so high? A situation of RELATIVE DEPRIVATION. Comes from a lot of things, social development, unemployed and low income individuals. They can socially compare and recognize that they have less. Feeling that you don’t have what the majority has. This can be seen on a worldwide basis and more people on the planet are seen to be effected. Defensive Attribution Style: Long process but people see this as they grow up and have the same feelings of when they were young. M Scott Peck: the Road Less Traveled, talks about how there are really evil people. Some people believe that, and some people don’t. So some people think we are all born with that core goodness and then as we grow we develop the core defensive attribution style to make decisions. As we grow older that unfairness and everything affects us and makes us negative. When people do not have a job or enough income even when working then the people don’t have a state in rationalizing status quote. They then make terrible choices because they rationalized it with this style since they don’t have anything they are protecting for themselves. If you don’t have an income or something you are proud of then there is no stake in the situation, so armed robbery makes sense to them since their life doesn’t matter. Cognitive-Neoassociation Theory: Unpleasant situations trigger complex chains of emotional events. SO if you lost your job, your house is foreclosed, partner left you, someone in your family died. All these things trigger complex chains of emotions inside of us. These emotional events can lead to… Weapons Effect: Study of Guns vs. Butter. Simple study there would be either guns or butter in the room when people entered. When someone saw the guns, the sight of it in the room increased negative emotions and aggression. It is the weapons effect. So there is a confluence going on where there is a huge push to bring more weapons into our lives. This triggers a complex line of emotional estates inside the body that expresses aggression. Situation where the economy is not so that everyone is allowed a stake in the game of social reality. Then we have individuals that are conditioned to respond negatively to these types of environments. Then they attribute their behaviors to you rather than themselves, then they get all wound up and angry to do stupid crimes. This shows a lack of connection and disassociation to do crimes so stupid. Without the stake the people do not belong in the economy. As a community of Greenville we should address this instead of doing nothing. Rather them be dumb, they only require education. We are giving them the benefit of the doubt and hope they are not psychopaths. With stakes in the community you become all in, instead of being disenfranchised. People think it is not their job to get involved. Carl Marks: everyone is bought off in a state of living and you think you are happy, but you need to wake up and realize that things need to change. People need to keep committing stupid crimes and not think they are living in it. 4/8/16 Stereotypes: Italians, Jews, blonds, Asian. How do these form? Historical Perspective: For African Americans is that they are not that smart. This is only relevant in America! We are all related there is only one species. When we talk about race it is not true, it is a political game. This is to try and get the level of social economic level how the politicians want it. Dr. Thornton says to leave the blank of race empty on surveys. We are all traced back to one common mother. There is research about it. In Africa is the only small difference in genetics. Since the 1960s we are reverting back to the less free view of America. We do not have as many free writes. Political Perspectives: rationalize war, discrimination, economic oppression, and politician’s traffic stereotypes to divide and conquer the masses. Laws in the south are legalizing discrimination about religion and belief changing within a couple weeks. This means that there is a power move and they are trying to keep the status quo. 5 states in the last couple of weeks, it is not a coincidence. Started in Indiana a year ago. But they did not sign. America is not all about giving everyone equal rights and against discrimination. These laws are used to justify things, including religion (a particular religion). Some Christians ruin the brand for others. They are not doing it right and are not living the way that is told in the Bible. These are the ones that ruin Christianity for the ones who are trying to be good to other people. This religious war is happening in the south and people in power are putting the masses against each other to divide and conquer. The political game is terrible and it is forever going to happen. Don’t be complicit by inaction, speak up against it. The political people are corrupted by their power, they are thinking through these laws. Sociocultural perspective: There are differences between immigrants that come to America and that is where stereotypes come from and then we formulate a thought of stereotypes. There are differences in people who come to America, which is wonderful, we need to celebrate it and integrate it too. We should be motivated to be on the same page together. We should not tolerate, but we should accept each other! Without integration there is more conflict. We need equal education here in America and we need to help people learn English when they come here to get better jobs and learn how to live it right here and make it. It doesn’t matter anymore (The melting pot) about everyone being able to work hard and become something is changed into what you are considered in stereotype terms about how you will succeed here. There is a celebration of individuality now instead of celebration of individuals coming together where we all live together and prosper. The 1% are leaving the rest of us behind now. We are a nation of immigrants. In the City there are little towns that represent isolation and separation of race. There are so many stereotypes there that are practiced. There is segregation and it is alive and well there in New York and around that area. These stereotypes were easier when people were immigrating but they still happen today. They don’t want to become Americans. They don’t want to learn the language or have the desire to become a citizen anymore. They don’t want to assimilate into the culture anymore when they come to America and it has caused problems. Dr. Thornton thinks you can have pride in your religion and culture and still become an American and live life both ways in unison. In Germany right now there are Syrian refugees that are not living the German culture but they are demanding that Germany accommodates them and all of their culture. It is their homeland and the Syrians are new and should accommodate the German culture because they are immigrants. There needs to be accommodations between cultures and we need to help each other. The stereotypes are here, but we don’t care about the origin really in the social world. We wonder how stereotypes are formed in individual’s minds. Two Related Processes: Categorization: how do stereotypes work for in in individuals mind?  Social categorization: we group objects by similarity. Research done long ago, we as animals take in information and organize it to make judgements and such. o We take in stimuli and organize it to how our minds work. The first breakdown in categorization is male or female then skin/hair color. We have to fit people into boxes and this helps us know how to approach them. Forming groups The in group and the out group o For a male, the male in the in group and the female is the out group. o We determine group membership in relation to self. o Consequence:  Outgroup Homogeneity Effect: out group members are all the same.  The perception leads us to look at all categorize everyone in the out group together.  With an exposure to the out group you can better understand them and distinguish them! Can we do anything about getting away from stereotypes, even the natural types? Can we work against it?


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