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SCI 210, Week 1 Lesson 1

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1 review
by: Makayla Austin

SCI 210, Week 1 Lesson 1 FDSCI 210-01

Makayla Austin
GPA 3.793
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About this Document

Week 1 covers the Creation and the transition of science. It explains how the formation of the evolutionary theory came about.
Neanderthals/Other Successes
John S. Griffith
Class Notes




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1 review
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"Great notes!!! Thanks so much for doing this..."
Myles Feeney

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Makayla Austin on Monday January 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FDSCI 210-01 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by John S. Griffith in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Neanderthals/Other Successes in Science at Brigham Young University - Idaho.

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Reviews for SCI 210, Week 1 Lesson 1

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Great notes!!! Thanks so much for doing this...

-Myles Feeney


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Date Created: 01/11/16
FDSCI 210  Ancient cosmology relied on gods to describe the creation  Enuma elish is the oldest format of Christian writing and it has its own documentation of the creation  The special creation The creation was all in eden, took 6 days, directed and constructed by God so therefore perfect Special creations statements of facts - Al species are created independent of each other - Species don’t change overtime - The creation was recent  1664 Archbishop James Usher used old Testament genealogies to calculate the earth’s age  Parson Naturalist  Individuals who were both ordained by the church and held academic positions in the universities  Early scientific pioneers were strongly associated with the church. Back then the motivation was to find God through nature o When they were looking at the earth, they were looking for god o Carlous Linnaeus: he wanted to give everything a name and he began learning of the vast diff which disproved the theories of the special creation. The knowledge caused him to go insane  What would a graph displaying western society’s knowledge over the past 2000 years look like o Bagdad was the intellectual hub during the dark ages. We actually lost knowledge during that point o Why does society have drops in intellect?  They have rulers who put a clamp on knowledge. When society doesn’t have something to look at, they fall onto their traditions, and then they cant learn and evolve  Scholasticism: faith or belief in authoritative figures or scripture us the sole source of knowledge o Elevates faith over reason; states that nature s beyond mortal understanding, physical senses are not to e trusted, believe something despite evidence to the contrary o Flourishes in societies with a suppressed education o You don’t think on your own, you look to an rely on authority figures  What brought us out of the dark ages? o The printing press. Information was now cheap and easy to get  Rationalism: the theory that reason, rather than experience or authority, provides a primary source of knowledge o God gave you a brain to use o All individuals have the ability to reason out truth o Jefferson: the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid is supposed to represent that people at diff corners of the world can use their reasoning to climb an intellectual ladder, eventually coming to the same conclusions  Rationalism vs Empiricism o Empiricism: experience is the sole source of knowledge in the world 2  Our world view is a factor of sense perception  It is folly to try to infer that something will happen because of a past experience o Mix the two an you get SCIENCE  Science o Combines rationalism an empiricism into one o Science makes observations of the world around us and uses reason to describe general rules governing the natural world o Empiricism guides scientists in understanding flaws in their reasoning  Whenever a hypothesis fails to predict an empirical observation, the hypothesis must be rethought o Empiricism corrects rationalism o When empiricism is added to reason it allows individuals wit diff biases to come to the same conclusion  Where would we not be able to use sci? o It all comes down to observations. We can maesure those things but anything thatyou can’t measure 3


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