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ARTH 420- Contemporary Art (Twentieth Century)- Posters -week 1

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by: Sarah Joyce

ARTH 420- Contemporary Art (Twentieth Century)- Posters -week 1 20663

Marketplace > Radford University > Art > 20663 > ARTH 420 Contemporary Art Twentieth Century Posters week 1
Sarah Joyce
GPA 3.749
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About this Document

These notes cover in what the class learned in week one such as reoccurring themes.
ART 420: Twentieth Century Art
Dr. Barris
Class Notes
Contemporary Art History in the Twentieth Century Posters




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1 review
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"Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!"
Jedediah Dare V

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Joyce on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20663 at Radford University taught by Dr. Barris in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see ART 420: Twentieth Century Art in Art at Radford University.


Reviews for ARTH 420- Contemporary Art (Twentieth Century)- Posters -week 1

Star Star Star Star Star

Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!

-Jedediah Dare V


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Date Created: 01/12/16
Art History 420­ Contemporary Art History (Twentieth Century)­ Posters Weapons (?) of Mass Communication ­ A brief history of the arts of persuasion and the use of posters to support war efforts.  ­ Supporting the war by supporting pleasurable products from home? Frank Dadd, Uk 1914 ­ OXO a mixture soldiers would put into their food and drinks ­ Lures the audience to purchase the product and in return they would be helping the  soldiers in the war.  ­ A goal amount of posters came up when WWI started to rise up. ­ Posters have to grab the audiences’ attention quickly, they have to make the viewers stop  and look in order to be successful.  o Size, color, unfamiliar or similar subject or object, text, and simple phrases can do this  Britons: join your country’s army! ­ Designed by Alfred Leete, 1914 ­ Successful Posters have things in common ­  Images are used over again and again such as the pointing finger. James Montgomery Flagg ­ He adapts the poster from the Britons for the US Government. o 1918, 1917, & 1939 (adapted by someone else )   There is uses of the same image of the pointing finger. Just a different  face. Achille Luciano Mauzan, Do Your Complete Duty! Halian war loan  compaign, 1917 ­ The image of the pointing finger is used as well.  ­ Powerful piece trying to get viewers to donate money than asking for soldiers to join the  army or to buy a product that supports war.  ­ Use of strong diagonals to make it appealing and exciting to the eye. ­ Red silhouettes that look like flames. Howard Chandler Christy & the Christy Girl campaign, 1917 ­ Possibly used to seduce men to join the army. ( join the army, get women) ­ Christy is famous for his Christy girls ­ The artist is also associated with the fashion industry. ­ American Poster Personality Poster ­ made in London, 1972  ­ anti­war poster ­ makes fun of the reoccurring theme of the “I want you…” and the image of the pointing  finger. ­ Trying to get individuals from joining by showing the viewers what the joining the army  will lead to death by depicting a skeleton underneath Uncle Sam ­ Uses authority of Flagg’s piece, tears pieces of it apart, and uses it to make something of  their own.  ­ Personality Poster is a group. Be careful of what you say ­ Phrase that is commonly using in posters ­ Similar to the phrase, “loose lips sink ships” which was used in WWII ­ Button your lip is another phrase  ­ There are many ways to visualize and portray these phrases ­ These Posters can target certain individuals such as women and men. 


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