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Western Civilization notes

by: Danyellia West

Western Civilization notes HY 101

Marketplace > University of South Alabama > History > HY 101 > Western Civilization notes
Danyellia West
GPA 3.5
Western Civilization

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About this Document

Week 2 of notes
Western Civilization
Class Notes
Western Civilization, History notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danyellia West on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 101 at University of South Alabama taught by Tyson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization in History at University of South Alabama.


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Date Created: 01/12/16
History 101 Week 2 Notes Ancient Egypt quotGift of the Nilequot 0 Old kingdom Pyramid age 0 Intermediate period Hyksos Foreign rules quotshepherd kingsquot 0 New kingdom Religion 0 Amun quotHidden Onequot 0 Ra quotsun creatorquot Egyptian King 0 Incarnation of Horus Absolute power Maintained justice Expressed the God39s will Pharaoh quotGreat Housequot What39s in a name 0 Horus 0 Two ladies 0 Golden mhotep chief minister o Architect of step pyramid Oldest existing monument of carved stone 0 God of medicine 39 Egypt Greece Sphinx 0 Father of terror Egyptian 0 Mother of terror Greek Giza Plateau o Sphinx quotfather of terrorquot 0 3 pyramids Khufu39s Great Pyramid o 2650 BC 0 Herodotus Greek tourist Took 20 years to build 100000 laborers to build 0 Modern scholars believe 20000 laborers and less than 20 years to build Social Class 0 Leather vs Gold Intermediate Period 0 Hyksos quotshepherd kingsquot o Ruled Northern and Middle Egypt 0 Compound bow improved battle axe advanced forti cation techniques Hyksos 0 Joseph gives biblical interpretation New Kingdom 0 Beginning War against Hyksos 0 End Ruled by Amun High Priests at Thebes Pharaoh rede ned o Spiritual mediator between Gods and Men 0 Divinity in afterlife and identi ed with Osiris God of Dead Ma at Mayet quotorderquot 0 Daughter of Ra o Personi cation Truth Justice Divine cosmic order world is going to end if you break the laws Judgement Ceremony 0 Balance of character 0 Your heart is weighed against Ma at39s o If your measure up you have afterlife if you don39t you have no afterlife soul dies Hatshepsut quotmost important of noble ladiesquot 0 Female Egyptian king 0 Depiction Male body false beard o Thutmose lll stepson Destroyed statues defaced monuments Eliminated name 0 When you eliminate someone39s name their soul disappears Akhenaton quotbene cial to Atonquot o Amenhotep IV 0 History39s rst individual 0 Aton Creator Lifegiver Supreme deity Nefertiti quota beautiful woman has comequot 0 Living fertility Goddess Exaggerated physical appearance 0 2nCI most famous Egyptian goddess o Meets modern standards of beauty People have surgeries to try and look like her Atonism theories Amarna Heresy o Akhenaton as founder of Biblical Monotheism 0 Moses as Aton Priest 0 Some believed this linked to Jewish religion 0 Introduced divine trinity Tutankhamun 1333 BC 0 Tutankh Aton quotliving image of Atonquot 0 Historical signi cance Restored old religion Worshipped while living Most complete royal tomb found a King Tut 2010 DNA 0 Lineage Akhenaton and unknown sisterwife quotthe younger ladyquot mummy 0 Cause of death Wound infection he liked to chariot race Malaria Could have died from either one or both 0 Average life span was around 20 years 0 Health and Medicine 0 Brain surgery 0 Prosthetics o Braces were able to replace rotten teeth with fake ones Mummi cation 0 Don39t have to be royalty just have to have the money 0 Also did animals cooks Iron Age Begins 1300 BC 0 Varied geographically 0 Final technological and cultural shape 0 Enabled Hittite Kingdom 1St iron industry 0 Turkey 0 Primary sources Cuneiform texts 0 Correspondence 0 Ancient Egypt Ramses II quotthe Great Ancestorquot 0 His body is still intact today 0 2nCI lonest reign in Egyptian history 0 Building program Memorials to Nefertari most beautiful tumb Only thing left is her knees Lots of beautiful artwork on her tomb 0 Large harem Hibiru a people de ned 0 HabiruHebrews Before 2000 BC 0 Israelites 2000 BC to 538 BC Birth ofJacob to end of Babylonian captivity Jacob39s Matriarchal descendants 0 Jews After 538 BC AncientJudaism o Theology Monotheism Ruler Creator Redeemer 0 Law religious and ethical guide Social and individual 0 Cultural traditions A new way of thinking 0 Traditional old Gods Limited Created beings Subject to nature 0 Jewish God In nite Eternal Above nature Goal oriented unity peace prosperity happiness 0 Africa Nigeria Ethiopia 0 Beta Israel who are the Felasha o Kebra Negast Ironsmiths Weavers Farmers 1980 to 1992 45000 to Israel 0000 Ark o Goldplatted wooden chest Communicated with God Hold Jewish relics 0 Location 1st soIoman39s Temple 957 BC Fate Unknown 0 No historian has ever been 0 The Merchants Phoenicians 0 Lebanon Alphabet Most distinctive contribution 0 Trade Cedar Iinen dyed cloth embroidery wine metal work gIass


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