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Sociology 3041

by: Danielle Notetaker

Sociology 3041 SOC 3041-001

Danielle Notetaker
The U
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

Notes for Week 1, January 12th and 14th 2016.
Sociology of Rock and Roll
Dr Theresa Martinez
Class Notes
Sociology of Rock and Roll




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Notetaker on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 3041-001 at University of Utah taught by Dr Theresa Martinez in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 241 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Rock and Roll in Sociology at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 01/12/16
Sociology of Rock and Roll January 12 & 14, 2016  Developing a Critical Media Literacy: Rock and Roll, and Learning to Read Against the Grain o Media shapes how we behave and what we believe o Companies pay billions of dollars on PF and ads o Media literacy helps us to understand and interpret media o We can become agents of change o Media is significant o Media can be a part of us making change  Cultural Studies o Started in Birmingham, England to study the effects of all media o First focus was youth subcultures  Punks  Sought to understand their anti-establishment message o Insists that culture must be studies within the social relationships and systems in which the culture is produced and consumed and is bound up with the study of society, politics, and economics o Valuable because they subvert notions of high and low culture o Take from Gramsci the concepts of hegemony and counter hegemony o Are intensely inclusive and affirming of the worth of all culture groups – interested in giving voice to those most silenced o See all forms of media as texts  Three components of cultural studies o Political economy – refers to the politics and economy and the cultural setting of the time  Zeitgeist of Rock and Roll o Textual analysis  Content analysis – lyrics; what is this song about  Semiotic analysis – looks for symbols and tropes and what they mean  To Pimp a Butterfly – To Kill a Mockingbird  Textual Analysis o Audience Reception  Dominant reading – we like the entire text  Negotiated reading – we like parts of the text but don’t like something about it  Oppositional reading – we disagree with the entire song  Blues is the foundation of Rock and Roll (Jazz is the cousin of Blues)  Elements of Privilege o Rock and roll has consistently reflected the human condition – questioning and responding to the times, especially the privilege and authority in society. Sociology of Rock and Roll – Blues January 12 & 14, 2016  Monet o Painted the houses of parliament during different times of the day. o Music is an impressionist painting  Fix You – Coldplay o Written for his wife when her father died  To help her through the grieving process but it may mean something different to someone else  The Roots of Rock and Roll: Up From Slavery o THE HORROR OF SLAVERY o 1 out of 3 died on their way across the ocean o The Middle Passage o The scars of slavery o Destruction of Marriage and Family o Continuity with an African Past  Call and Response o Rhythm as an act of resistance  African slaves were not allowed to use drums because it was believed that they would lead rebellion if they had drums o Gospel  Praise meeting; religion was huge for their community  Slave spirituals  Music in scriptures  Slaves were hearing the Bible and it was very important to them. Exodus is about freedom from slavery. o Jim Crow o 1930-1970 Restrictive Covenants  Black individuals could not own homes in certain areas o 1880-=1940  The nadir; people were happy to see lynching and would take picture post cards  The Birth of the Blues o Started in response to the ways that African Americans were being treated  American Indians o First Nations, First Peoples o There were roughly 12-15 million then down to a few thousand o Forced them to assimilate and sent children to boarding schools  Zeitgeist o The spirit of the times o The spirit of the age  Blues Artists o Mamie Smith o Ma Rainey o Bessie Smith o Billie Holiday o Blind Lemmon Jefferson o Lonnie Johnson o Leroy Carr o Charlie Patton o Big Joe Williams o Robert Johnson o A Faustian Trop  Robert Johnson (only two known pictures of him)  Call and Response o A leader calls and the group responds  Ma Rainey See, See Rider Blues  A Faustian Trope o Robert Johnson  Mamie Smith – Crazy Blues (Blues Queen) o Black individuals were listening to this music and white people had no knowledge of it until the poor white people in the south began to listen to it also. o Race Music  Charlie Patton – Pony Blues  Eddie Son House – Death Letter o These songs are about people who are abused and suffering. They were not meant to be happy  Robert Johnson o This man is said to have sold his soul at the crossroads to be the best guitar player o Walking Blues  1936 o Cross Road Blues o Sweet Home Chicago  During this time period they often changed their lyrics so if you are looking at two recordings there can be multiple versions. Very rarely did they ever sing the song the same way twice  From the Rural South to the Urban North o From 1940 – 1950 214,000 Southern Black arrived in Chicago, an increase of 77% in just one decade, and the Black population in Chicago increased to nearly a half million o Artist Jacob Lawrence Grew up during the time of the change. Painting “The Dancing Doll”  Black Brown and White by Big Bill Broonzy o About Racism o If you’re black you have to work for a living, if you’re white you’re alright, if your brown stick around. o If you’re black get back o Each verse is about his experiences with racism  I Wonder When I’ll Be Called a Man by Big Bill Broonzy  Muddy Waters and Chicago Rhythm and Blues (R&B) o The R&B Market was known as Race Music and very few record labels would touch this type of music. It was only marketed to Black people. They often stayed home and listened to records because they were only allowed in segregated areas   Country and Folk Music o Jimmy Rodgers o Hank Williams  Memphis Minnie – Bumble Bee o 1929  Muddy Waters o Rolling Stone (1950) o You Need Love  Jimmy Rodgers o Blue Yodel No. 1  “Howling Wolf” o Smokestack Lightning o Wanted to yodel like Jimmy Rodgers but his voice was too raspy and deep and he couldn’t do it.  Bo Diddley o I Am a Man o Who Do You Love?  George Thurgood covered this song  Hound Dog Mamma Thornton o Her song and sound is taken by Elvis Pre o Ball n’ Chain  Covered by Janice Chaplin  Sonny Boy Williamson – One Way Out  B.B. King – Every Day I Have the Blues  Shake Your Money Maker – Elmore James  John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom  Arthur Big Boy Crudup- That’s All Right o This was the first recorded hit that Elvis had


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