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first notes

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1 review
by: Amie Klinger

first notes PSYC 1010

Amie Klinger
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
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Introductory Psychology
Dr. Gregory Shelley

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About this Document

all about humanisum
Introductory Psychology
Dr. Gregory Shelley
Class Notes




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1 review
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"Eugh...this class is soo hard! I'm so glad that you'll be posting notes for this class"

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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amie Klinger on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 1010 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Gregory Shelley in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Introductory Psychology in Psychlogy at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

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Reviews for first notes

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Eugh...this class is soo hard! I'm so glad that you'll be posting notes for this class



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Date Created: 01/12/16
Amie Elsie Klinger Nicole Carl Anthony Pini Brad Brown Humanism is the thought process or system when the values and interests of humans are very important The two most widely known types of humanism are secular humanism and religious humanism Secular humanism focuses on free thought and modernizing rationalism Religious humanism comes from religious philosophy that is universally accepted These two types coincide to make up the modern version of humanism The most renowned humanism philosopher is a man by the name ofJeanJacques Rousseau He believed education should be seen from a naturalistic viewpoint This implies that throughout the world only the laws of nature should exist Rousseau believes children should be taught how to differentiate between when there is con ict within the lines of nature and the rules of society He feels we as teachers should prepare the students for the societal roles they will play rather than the things they know Along with Rousseau John Locke agrees strongly with this mentality Locke proposed the idea that when infants are born they know nothing but over time they develop their own personalities and the things that make them unique They suggest that parents should in uence them as babies on the way the world works even before they enter into a school and begin learning through the book Similar to Locke and Rousseau Abraham Maslow brought to the table that children need a personal relatable environment to be able to be successful within their learning careers Maslow created a pyramid of the needs of children entitled Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs The bottom of the pyramid consists of things such as love safety physiological esteem and belongingness needs The middle consists of understanding and aesthetic needs Selfactualization and transcendence round out the top All these componets are related to the motivation or lack there of in humans These factors coincide with his other thoughts about how classrooms should be inviting and a place where children want to learn and they feel accepted After reviewing the thoughts of all three theorists we feel they believe a classroom should have a mix of both ideals A classroom should have an inviting personable vibe Students should feel comfortable and accepted within the environment Teachers should ensure to their best ability that this is instilled throughout the school year Young children worry and have fears sometimes this distracts them from learning Students can learn better when these fears are subsided by a caring teacher They should be taught the ways to react in certain social situations According to these theorists teachers should not only teach the students information and things they need to Amie Elsie Klinger Nicole Carl Anthony Pini Brad Brown know from school such as English and mathematics but also how to leave a positive effect on society Works Cited Campbell D 2014 April 30 The Work of Abraham Maslow Retrieved October 6 2015 from httpWwweducationcomreferencearticleWorkAbrahamMaslow Educational Psychology Interactive Maslow39s hierarchy of needs nd Retrieved October 6 2015 from httpwwwedpsycinteractiveorgtopicsconationmaslowhtml Gianoutsos J nd Locke and Rousseau Early Childhood Education Retrieved October 6 2015 from httpWWWbayloreducontentservicesdocumentphpid37670 JeanJacques Rousseau nd Retrieved October 6 2015 from httpeducationalrootsweeblvcomiean jacguesrousseauhtml


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