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History of Art 2001: 1/13/16 Notes

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by: Leah Lindak

History of Art 2001: 1/13/16 Notes HA 2001

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Art > HA 2001 > History of Art 2001 1 13 16 Notes
Leah Lindak
GPA 3.4
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History of Western Art I
Barbara Haeger

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About this Document

Wednesday 1/13/16 Notes
History of Western Art I
Barbara Haeger
Class Notes




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1 review
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"good notes"

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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Lindak on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HA 2001 at Ohio State University taught by Barbara Haeger in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 331 views. For similar materials see History of Western Art I in Art at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/12/16
11316 Sumerianthe Fertile Crescent 0 Where human and divine come together 0 Terms 0 Cea see White Tempe Uruk need to know facts temple not on exam Register Hieratic scalehierarchical scale Composite view conceptual view Votive offering part of an offering 0 The Ancient Near East Mesopotamia 0 Now areas of Iraq and Syria o Originally not a lot of combat o Later on people of the area were interested in combat and conquer Sumerian people invented the wheel the plow writing 0 Important for later improvements of the Western civilization 0 Clay tablets showing cuneiform language Have a lot of info about their culture because of the clay tablets 0000 o The White Tempe Uruk ca 32003000 BC 0 Uruk is modern Warka o The White temple was built out of white brick o Built upward toward their god a Sometimes seen as offers of gratitu Hoping to get something in return 0 Because your couldn t go in the temple the cella you made surrogates o Statuettes of two worshippers from Square Temple at Eschnunna ca 2700 BCE Eyes really stick out with different color clay with hopes to see the deity the divine 0 Eyes are the way we know the world Glazed over Made with shell and black limestone Similar pose Looking at the same thing 0 Very little variation except gender quality of statue Warka Vase ca 32002300 BCE 0 Made of alabaster 0 Detail of middle register 0 Presentation of offering to lnanna female deity She is larger than everyone else on the vase She is the cult of fertility and is the feminine symbol of hierarchy 0 Series of register depicted that narrative of the ritual and the landscape The river that over owed every year and made SOI fertile Crops evenly placed Animals varied by gender Registers depicts values Men making offering Goddess lnanna with eye turned fully frontal but pro le body Dumuzi the priest is depicted as well 0 Don t need to know name but know that religion and state was mixed 0 Example of hieratic scale because of his larger size showing status Representing Ruler Making Visible Conceptions of Power and Authority NaramSin Hammurabi Gudea o The Akkadian Empire 0 Terms 0 lconoclasm will not be asked on test but need to know what it is 0 Composite View 0 Hieratic Scale 0 Head ofAkkadan Ruler ca 22502200 BCE o Repetition of form Seen in beard 0 From Ninevah modern Kuyunjik Iraq o The eyes which were originally inlaid have been broken and are now gone


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