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HONR 199-3, Week 1, January 13th Notes

by: Anne Notetaker

HONR 199-3, Week 1, January 13th Notes HONR 199

Marketplace > Ball State University > OTHER > HONR 199 > HONR 199 3 Week 1 January 13th Notes
Anne Notetaker
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

The Ball Family
Inquiries in Contemporary American Civilization
E. Bruce Geelhoed
Class Notes
HONR 199




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anne Notetaker on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HONR 199 at Ball State University taught by E. Bruce Geelhoed in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Inquiries in Contemporary American Civilization in OTHER at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/13/16
The Ball Family th Notes taken January 13 in class 1. 1847 – Lucina Ball was born a. Never married but was associated with Anthony Drexel, a businessman who delegated a large portion of his new business to Lucina 2. 1850 – Lucius Ball was born a. Eldest Ball Brother b. Married Sarah Rogers c. Attended medical school 3. 1852 – William C. Ball was born a. Known as W.C. b. Married Emma Wood, who was from New York c. Had three children 4. 1855 – Edmund B. a. Known as EB b. Married Bertha Crosley (while Edmund was 48 years old and Bertha was 28) c. Bertha Crosley was from Muncie (Edmund was a bachelor when he came to Muncie) d. Bertha’s cousins family line own a radio station e. They had four children i. Edmund 1. First born (Born: 1905, Died: 2000) 2. Ball Honors House (here on campus) was his home in his later years 3. Married Isabel Urban and had 3 children with Isabel before she died in a boating accident 4. Edmund gets remarried to Virginia Ball and has 3 more children ii. Crosley - Didn’t live past five because he had a tonsillectomy and caught pneumonia. iii. Adelia iv. Janice - Married John W. Fisher, who was seconds away from going to the 36 Olympics for high hurtles 5. 1857 – Frank C Ball a. Known as F.C. b. Married Elizabeth Brady, a woman from Muncie (F.C. was a bachelor when he came to Muncie) c. Basically in charge of major decisions in the Ball Family Business d. Moves company from Buffalo to Muncie. Frank choose to separate the companies into two different enterprises in case one company fails. e. Has 5 children i. Lucy (eldest child) ii. Arthur iii. Margaret iv. Frank Elliot Ball succeeds F.C. because F.C. did not have confidence in his eldest son. Frank and his cousin Edmond (mentioned above) start the Muncie Aviation Company. This company rents hanger spaces from planes and provides flying lessons. Frank dies in 1936 from an airplane accident. Elliot (a building on campus) was built as a memorial to Frank. v. Rosemary (youngest child) married Alexander M Bracken. Alexander Bracken graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in law. (1978) Bracken took the place of Frank Elliot Ball when he died. This means that Bracken became Chairman of the Board of the Ball Family Corporation. He also became Chairman of the Board of the bank and the University. (The Chairman of the Board does not run the company or business, but decides who will run the company or business) 6. 1860 – Mary Francis Ball a. Thirteen years younger than Lucina b. Married Joseph Mauck c. Becomes first lady of Hillsdale College d. Died from appendicitis 7. 1862 - George A Ball a. Youngest child b. Married Frances Woodworth  Ball company no longer makes glass, but makes aluminum cans and sells them all over the world  John Fisher invests in two piece cans (which helped the business grow to where it is today)  Richard M. Ringoen was the Chief Executive of the Ball Company in 1986. Ringoen was the first non-family member to play a powerful role in the company.


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