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Week 1

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1 review
by: Shahar Notetaker

Week 1 SW 4220

Shahar Notetaker
The U
GPA 3.6
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About this Document

These notes cover the first week
Class Notes




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1 review
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"Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!"
Ericka Ryan I


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shahar Notetaker on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SW 4220 at University of Utah taught by SORENSEN,MEQUETTE M in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE II in Social Work at University of Utah.

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Reviews for Week 1

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Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!

-Ericka Ryan I


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Date Created: 01/13/16
Social Work 4220 Practice II 01/12/2016 11 January 2016 o Syllabus review 13 January 2016 o Home Based Support for Families  Advantages o See everything o Get the real feel for their home o Really seeing it all instead of imagination o Book Case 1  Bio: o Fatigue o Back o Overweight o Eczema  Social: o Poverty o Isolated/lonely o Dad works leaving family o Children-alone  Psych: o Depressed o Strain o Learning difficulties o Bullying  Options o Boys and girls club o Structure routine o Cognitive/behavioral interventions o Financial assistance o Insurance? Medicade? o Free clinics o o Monday 11 January 2016 o Jazenia Puerto Rico: Helping single parents; dedicated; impatient; taking her son to Disneyland and seeing the dolphins for a Smile; Author and a facility to help single parents; Single mom engaged over the holidays and a son Tuesday 12 January 2016 o Paraphrase  Estate the same information the client has said in different words. Paraphrasing allows the client to focus on the content of what he or she is saying and come to terms with it o Summarize  The SW concisely reiterates several of the major highlights from the client’s discussion. By trying together the different elements from a client’s session, summarizing can help a SW review overall profess. Summarizing can also allow the SW and the client to recognize a theme in what the client is saying o Clarify  Asking a client to explain an element of the discussion that was vague. Examples of clarifying the questions include: I am not sure I quite understand; or do you meant that…? These questions give the client a chance to elaborate and allow the SW the opportunity to check the accuracy of the clients statements o Reflect  Reflecting is probably the most important listening technique. It is the technique that provides room for interpretation. To reflect on what the client has said is to rephrase the affect, or feelings, within the clients message. Reflecting fives the client the opportunity to hear his or her own thoughts in a different way and helps the client to become aware of the acknowledge his or her feelings. Reflecting attention to what he or she has said. Active listening involves being truly engages in a client’s message and listening more than talking. It helps a SW to both understand the client to subtly challenge the client to pay attention to his/her own words and hopefully being to make some changes.  o Rose:  Depression sister help other families like hers  How society affects the individual micro and family levels  Mom and sisters west valley favorite is little Chihuahua cookie  Meditate and exercise and cooking and talking o Insect timer o Tuesday 12 January 2016 o Syllabus review o 12 January 2016 o Syllabus review


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