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Religion/History 372 Week 4 Notes

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by: Cassandra Tomkin

Religion/History 372 Week 4 Notes REL 372

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Cassandra Tomkin


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About this Document

These notes cover what was discussed during the third week of the semester.
Formation/Christian Tradition
Dr. Jason Bruner
Class Notes
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1 review
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"I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER"

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassandra Tomkin on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to REL 372 at a university taught by Dr. Jason Bruner in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER



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Date Created: 01/13/16
**26.Jan.2016 (Tuesday) - Week 3  How did the earliest followers of Jesus articulate themselves? How did they communicate that any of this stuff was significant?  What were the big historical factors that shaped Christianity? o Jewish law/Torah o The Roman Empire  Class system  Leaders - Political structure  Religion/Cults  Infrastructure o Apostles  Who do you trust? Who do you listen to? Who has the authority? What can you check it against? o Structural problem Pliny, Letters 10.96­97  Normal folks  All classes  Morals  Emperor/Authority  Sing "Christ as a God"  Meet - Gather  Eat  Pray  Take an oath  Not sacrificing (This is a problem) ^^He refers to these as a contagion of the superstition leading to possible revolt  He is concerned because they are obstinate. If they are asked to sacrifice, they refuse (to play along). They are given second and third chances to just do what is asked but because sacrifice leads to the worshipping of multiple gods, Christians do not do such a thing. This is worrisome because control is not being maintained.  These are taking place in the countryside.  What was it like to be living as Christian in this time? What would a Christian tell me life is like for them? o Faith o Morals-Oaths o Living o Fear o Gathering/Community o Living on the fact that Christ may at some time return o Practices o Abused  The oath is not around belief per se.  Do not hunt them out or take an anonymous tips The Didache  Written in the Syriac language o From the southern Turkey and Syrian area  If I was Roman and was handed The Didache (Did-a-key), after reading it, what would I possibly think? o Good people - not stealing, cheating, or adultery o Christians are humble o No narrative o No miracles o Almost like a guidebook o Appoint o Teaching o Not listening to false teachers  How do you know who is a false teacher?  Since this is after the apostles, a lot of people are saying a lot of things  Do they ask for money?  What do they preach about giving to the poor?  Are they going to stay with you after one day?  How are they going to teach your family?  What do they do?  How do they behave?  Will they swindle you?  Inst. Structures are being created in The Didache. o If you have a Bishop give the money directly to the Bishop (who will oversee giving money to the poor [very impt. Job of the Bishop, not his only job, but impt. Nonetheless])  How do you know which church to listen to? **28.Jan.2016 (Thursday) - Week 3 Think about what life is like to be a Christian? Structures Humanity Roman Empire 5 Response questions/comments due on Tuesday for the Harvey Cox lecture.  For some Christians, Clement is not different from Matthew, Romans, and the other books in the Bible… Later on it gets kicked out. o Because it was not directly related to an apostle o Since priority was given to those who had direct links back to Christianity. Clement:  He obviously wrote it. His name is on it.  Why did he write it? o People were not listening to the words of the church. o Overthrow Paul wrote Romans as an extended introduction as to who he was, what he was about, and what he thought Clement: o He is irritated and decides that something should be done about it. Offering - "Master" Fixed Seasons  Inconsistent  Order  Celebration Bishops appointed deacons, apostles, Jesus Authority/False prophets Legitimacy Ignorance Arrogance Jealousy/Envy "Honors w/ lips" Corinth, the church in which Paul was very much tied to, have loads of issues. By the early second century it is recognized as an old church. One group of leaders kicked out and a new group takes over.  People do not know who should be a leader and how to be a leader?  Who has the right to give teachings?  Who has the right to take up offerings?  How does he want this to be fixed/mended? o Revert to Paul/the saints o Guiltless and Righteous  Not arrogance - actions o Exaltation o Be submissive/humility/obedience o He quotes Paul to get the Corinthians to be obedient  How do you know who to listen to? o Bishops - Electing (Didache)  Donate "if" they can  Teacher  Does not ask for money o Passed down from the Apostles and Jesus (Clement)  Breaking the line, out of order o What do your leaders do and why are they important? (Clement)  Humility/actions  Collect the money, give to the poor


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