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Medieval History 1-27

by: Emily Simone

Medieval History 1-27 3110

Marketplace > University of Toledo > History > 3110 > Medieval History 1 27
Emily Simone

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About this Document

Notes from January 27th
European Middle Ages 2
Dr. Geaman
Class Notes
medieval history
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Simone on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3110 at University of Toledo taught by Dr. Geaman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see European Middle Ages 2 in History at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 01/13/16
Contradictions  Trying to free church from secular influence but needs the laity to enforce his  “rules”  Laity help police non­celibate clergy  Church and state have separate hierarchies, goals but remain intertwined  Gregory relied on Normans to avoid capture by emperor Results  Increased involvement of laity  More widespread lay piety  However, lay involvement and the development of Knights of Peter influenced  the cruscades  Bishops have secular and religious duties; high clergymen are torn between these duties  throughout middle ages HR Emperor weakened, Papacy much stronger Secular kingship, King is non­priestly  Idea of Cruscade Fullest Expression  Holy war = combat to serve the faith o Shift in how regard war  Papal involvement  Forgiveness of sins Defensive War  Mission war  Viking invasions; Holy Sepulcher o Norway and Denmark origination  o Holy Sepulcher is captured and destroyed by various Muslim armies  Church in the Holy Land  Defense of church gets a heavenly reward   Not yet have expansionist aims  Military Saints  St George o Known for slaying the devil (in the form of a dragon) o Known and praised for warlike deeds in east for centuries o Gradually west places less emphasis on their secular vs religious deeds  The Year 1000  Millennial fears  Pilgrimage to Jerusalem increased  Internal Warfare  Peace of God o Advocates immunity from violence for non combatants   Truce of God o Suspend hostilities on certain days  Reconquista  Seen as taking back lands  Breakdown of centralization   Happened in Spain to take back land that was formally Muslim territory Knights of Peter  Fighting for church reform blurs line between knights of Christ (monks) and  knights   Blurs line between those who follow pope and feudal service  Promise forgiveness of sins or appeal to piety  Tied idea of ecclesiastical warfare to papacy Urban II  Supported the Reconquista  Supported holy war idea of cruscade  Preached the cruscade at Clermont in 1095  Liberation of the eastern church  Christians vs non­Christians New Idea  Linked fight with pilgrimage  Armed pilgrimage  This stirred up the unprecedented excitement


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