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Medieval History 1-20

by: Emily Simone

Medieval History 1-20 3110

Marketplace > University of Toledo > History > 3110 > Medieval History 1 20
Emily Simone
European Middle Ages 2
Dr. Geaman

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About this Document

Notes for 1-20
European Middle Ages 2
Dr. Geaman
Class Notes
history, Medieval Europe
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Simone on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3110 at University of Toledo taught by Dr. Geaman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see European Middle Ages 2 in History at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 01/13/16
BiShOpS five main places where it was best to be bishop m M Constantinople Rome Antioch Alexandria Jerusalem Petrine Succession 0 Extrapolation from apostolic succession powers passed down through ordination 0 Papal primacy becomes well established after a delay because the papacy is not always powerful enough Good Popes Gregory the Great 590604 promoted missionary work and saving the city of Rome from attack by the Huns Papal Pornocracy appointment of the pope fell under the control of the Roman aristocracy John 1211 pope at the age of 18 and was pope for 10 years horrible pope The 1000 s 0 Holy Roman Emperor picks popes then a nominal election followed 0 Tended to ensure good choice so long as the emperors were conscientious but in uential churchmen object to secular meddling secular and religious supposed to separate church tainted otherwise 1059 0 Pope Nicholas 11 issued a papal bull titled In Nomine Domini which established the way to pick popes 0 Election by the College of Cardinals only 0 Cardinalbishops decide on candidates not outsiders Other Reforms 0 No simony buying church office 0 Celibacy 0 No lay investiture 0 Who can appoint and give offices to bishops 0 Invest name appoint Gregory VII 10731085 0 Got ball rolling on these reforms 0 Main goal separation but coexistence of church and state 0 Church is superior in all matters 0 Pushed reforms more forcefully then his predecessors 0 Big push for compulsory celibacy 0 1074 proclaimed laity owed no obedience to bishops who allowed married priests 0 Worked against simony and lay investiture Henry IV 0 Holy Roman Emperor 0 Irritated that reformers had used his youth to take away his power to pick the pope 0 Gregory s desire to end lay investiture severely curtailed Henry s power 1075 0 Council decides only Pope can appointdepose bishops and move them around 0 Henry still appointing his own bishops and not going to take this loss of power Henry appoints bishop of Milan when pope has already done so Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV in 1076 German princes start a revolt Canossa in 1077 0 Pope is at Duchess of Tuscany s and Henry comes as penitence forgives Henry Revolt continues rival Rudolf Henry appoints an antipope Gregory excommunicates him again Henry invades Italy in 1081 attempting to dispose Gregory Gregory defended by the Normans Henry crowned emperor by antipope in 1084 Gregory dies in 1085 in exile from Rome Dictatus Papae 1 That the Roman church was founded by God alone 2 That the Roman pontiff alone can with right be called universal 3 That he alone can depose or reinstate bishops 4 That in a council his lelgate even if a lower grade is above all bishops and can pass sentence of deposition against them That the pope may depose the absent 6 That among other things we ought not to remain in the same house with those excommunicated by him 7 Etc U Concordant of Worms 0 1 122 0 need to have proper elections 0 can suggest candidates 0 emperor only invest with secular parts lands etc 0 pope invests with symbols of office because it s a church office


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