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Impact of Disabilities week 2

by: Tori Ruby

Impact of Disabilities week 2 EEX2000

Marketplace > University of Florida > Special Education > EEX2000 > Impact of Disabilities week 2
Tori Ruby
Impact of disabilities: home, community and workplace
Penny R Cox

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About this Document

Includes types of disabilities, models of disabilities, and ways society can help make the world more accessable
Impact of disabilities: home, community and workplace
Penny R Cox
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tori Ruby on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EEX2000 at University of Florida taught by Penny R Cox in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Impact of disabilities: home, community and workplace in Special Education at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 01/13/16
January 11 2016 Types of Disabilities 0 Disability is an umbrella term covering impairments activity limitations and participation restrictions WHO 0 An impairment is a problem in body function 0 Activity limitation is difficulty encountered in executing a task 0 Participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations 0 A person with a disability has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities has a record of such an impairment or is regarded as having such an impairment ADA 0 Record of disability or impairment in history regardless of any uctuation or change in the severity of their impairment any given time o Regarded as having people assuming a disability results in discrimination Models of disability 0 Moral model disability is caused by wrongs an individual or family has committed Blame and shame The person with the disability is the problem Older model 0 Medical model searches for the problem medically Impairments and chronic illness often pose real difficulties but they are not the real problem Traditional view Disability caused by physical mental sensory impairment Individual is impaired and is the problem Focus on the medical professional cure or alleviate the effect 0 Social model the problem lies with society The Social Model Animation Looks at barriers in the surrounding world Social barriers Environment is inaccessible Attitudes prejudice stereotyping discrimination Organisations are in exible Martha s Vineyard 25 of the population was deaf everybody knew sign language the deaf population was not disabled because their need was ful lled 0 Impact of disabilities 0 Changes an individual s circumstances 0 Effect everyday life activities 0 Can effect all parts of an individual s life Overarching issues 0 While there are different kinds of disabilities there are issues that relate to all disabilities 0 MyLeft Foot Access What problems does Christy Brown face due to his disability What problems are present due to his disability No means of communication can t talk Assumed to be a moron Blamed for other s problems scapegoat Couldn t feed self Dependent on others People talked about him as if he couldn t understand Not given the same opportunities as others Could not walk No way to get around Could not dress himself Not included at table Difficult to understand facial expression 0 Buildings must be physically accessable Entrance exits doorways walkways bathrooms dining areas ramps chairs elevators 0 Outdoor areas Parking areas sidewalks walkways curb cuts degree of 0 Common or gathering areas Seating arrangement lighting sound 0 Speci c contexts ls equipment usable by people with disabilities Communication 0 Receptive Is the person able to hear what is being said Is there another means of communication that is needed Is the message understood 0 Expressive How is the person able to convey messages Is the environment prepared to receive messages by such means o Discrimination Are people with disabilities welcomed in all settings Do people with disabilities have opportunities to participate fully in all environments Are implications considered Are people with disabilities recognized for their abilities


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