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Chemistry 1010 Sections 1.1-2.5 notes

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by: Jaden Boatright

Chemistry 1010 Sections 1.1-2.5 notes CHEM 1010

Marketplace > Southern Utah University > Chemistry > CHEM 1010 > Chemistry 1010 Sections 1 1 2 5 notes
Jaden Boatright
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About this Document

These notes cover sections 1.1-2.5 using the Timberlake textbook "Basic Chemistry" (SKU 9780321809285).
Introduction to Chemistry
Elaine Vickers
Class Notes
Chemistry, significant figures, scientific method, Conversion Factors




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1 review
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"What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore..."
Kurtis Jones Jr.

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaden Boatright on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1010 at Southern Utah University taught by Elaine Vickers in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Chemistry in Chemistry at Southern Utah University.


Reviews for Chemistry 1010 Sections 1.1-2.5 notes

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What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore...

-Kurtis Jones Jr.


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Date Created: 01/14/16
Notes 1.2 SCIENTIFIC METHOD 1. Observation (notice what’s going on around you)  2. Hypothesis (educated guess that must be testable)  3. Experiments (tests that determine the validity of a hypothesis, results must be proved and replicated)  4. Theory (based on a large body of evidence, often continually being added to and changed; continually evolving) 1.4 KEY MATH SKILLS HOMEWORK Sapling (CH1) due Monday 11:59 PM, Read 2.1-2.3, Check Canvas 2.1-2.3 2.1 MEASUREMENTS: Measurement: A number that has a unit. Without the unit, the number is meaningless. (Imperial (or US system [used by Liberia and Myanmar as well]), and the Metric system). - Length: Meter (m), Centimeter (cm), and millimeter (mm). - Volume: The amount of space something occupies. Measured in milliliters (mL) and liters (L) - Mass: The quantity of matter contained. Measured in grams (g) and kilograms (kg). - Temperature: Celsius (°C) and Kelvin (K) which is Celsius +273.15°C. - Time: Measured in seconds (s). 2.2 SCIENTIFIC NOTATION Scientific Notation: An easier way of writing really big and really small numbers. - [Ex. .0001370  1.370x10^-4] [124609.3  1.246093x10^5] - 2 Components: o Coefficient (between 1-10) o And a power of 10^x (-x for small numberslarger, +x for largesmall) 2.3 MEASURED NUMBERS AND SIGNIFICANT FIGURES Significant figures: How precise is the measurement? Measurements are usually all known digits +1 estimated. Relevant for measurements, NOT exact numbers Rules for Significant Figures: (Also see p. 33 in textbook) 1. 1-9 are always significant. 2. Zeros to left of all 1-9 digits are never significant. [ex. 0.0041 ~ 2 sig fig] 3. Zeros between 1-9 digits are always significant. [ex. 47009 ~ 5 sig fig] 4. Zeros to right of all 1-9 digits are significant if there is a decimal anywhere in the number. [ex. 460 =not significant ~2 sig fig. 460.0=significant ~ 4 sig fig] EX:  .000250 has 3 sig figs  390410. has 6 sig figs  390410 has 5 sig figs  5100000 Make it have 2 sig fig  5.1 x 10^6  40000 make it have 2 sig fig  4.0 x 10^4  .000820kg  .00082kg OR 8.2x10^-4kg 2.4-2.6 Rounding: 1-4 round down 5-9 round up 1. 35.7823m to 3 sig figs  35.8m 2. 0.0026217 to 3 sig fig  0.00262L OR 2.62x10^-3L 3. 3.8268x10^3g to 3 sig fig  3.83x10^3g OR 3830g RULES FOR SIG FIGs: 1. For multiplication and division, round final answer so it has the same number of sig figs as the measurement with the fewest sig figs. [EX. 45.261 x 0.01088  0.49243968  .4924] [EX. (4.0 x 8.00)/16  2  2.0] DON’T ROUND UNTIL VERY END OF PROBLEM 2. For addition and subtraction, the final answer is written to the same degree of precision as the least precise measurement (same number of decimal places as the measurement having the fewest decimal places) [EX. 4.259L-3.8L  0.459L 0.5L] [EX. 4900-317 5217 5200] 2.5 MEMORIZE TABLE ON P. 39 FROM TERA - NANO 1m = 1000mm 1000m = 1km  1m = .001km 2.6 CONVERSION FACTORS: A way to convert one quantity or unit to another - Two equal quantities written as a fraction [EX. 1000m = 1km  1000m/1km OR 1km/1000m]


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