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Chem1004 Week 1 Notes

by: Favianna Tarsi

Chem1004 Week 1 Notes Chem 1004 - by Professor Zysmilich

Favianna Tarsi
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Contemporary Science for Non-Science Majors

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About this Document

These notes cover all topics discussed in class including supplementary information mentioned by the professor.
Contemporary Science for Non-Science Majors
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Favianna Tarsi on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1004 - by Professor Zysmilich at George Washington University taught by Zysmillich in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 276 views. For similar materials see Contemporary Science for Non-Science Majors in Chemistry at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 01/14/16
CHEM 100410 11 January 2016 Chemistry study of matter and the changes that matter undergoes Matter anything that has mass and occupies space composed of atoms Atoms come together to form molecules Methane Structural Chemical Formula CH4 7 1 V Chemical Symbols and Lines 3D Ball and Stick Model 3D Space Filling Model States of Matter 0 Solid KE lt IMF not compressible cannot decrease the volume by applying pressure 0 Liquid KEEIMFI not compressible Gas KEgtMF highly compressible quot 7 7 ltf 397 7 V I 7 mv C 0 O A Q r O l C C 9 o 5 N 9 O C O c 9 i Q C LsQJquot J i o Hi I O rigid not rigid not rigid 0 fixed shape no fixed shape no fixed shape 0 fixed volume fixed volume Ono fixed volume 13January 2016 Matter classi ed according to its composition Mixtures combination of 2 or more substances 0 Can be homogeneous or heterogeneous 0 Can be separated into pure substances 0 Pure Substances can be either compounds or elements 0 Element all the atoms that make up molecule are identical ex H2 0 Compounds the atoms that make up the molecule are different EX CHEM 100410 O O o a tums of an plumcult lb Molecules it PHluktultrs 1 Ed Mixture of trlt munls of an Element of a coinpnund and a compound Monoatomic Diatomic Tetratomic Pre xes 1 mono DEE 5 pentaljlj 9 nonalj 2 di DEE 6 hexa 10 deca 3 tri DEE 7 hepta 4 tetralj 8 octalj Classi cation of Matter Is it uniform Yeshomogeneous Noheterogeneous Can it be separated by physical means Yeshomogene s mixture solutionT No pure substance Can it be decompos d into other substances by a chemical process Yes compound Noelement Observation qualities Atomic theory Element Cannot be broken down One kind of atom Compound Fixed composition can 2 or more atoms be broken down into elements Mixture Variable composition of Variable assortment of elements andor atoms and compounds compounds Earth Crust Human Body 0 495 oxygen 0 65 oxygen 0 257 silicon 18 carbon 0 75 aluminum 0 10 hydrogen Molecules combination of a xed number of atoms held together in a certain geometric arrangement Chemical formulas symbolic representations of the elementary composition of chemical compounds ex Nitrogen N2 water H20 Chemical reactions atoms are rearranged in different compounds reactants are transformed into products 0 ex Carbon oxygen l Carbon dioxide 0 eXC02C02 Law of Conservation of Mass in a chemical reaction mass is conserved CH4 02 l C02 H2O not balanced mass isn t conserved Balance in order H C O


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