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Week One Notes

by: KatieAlbritton

Week One Notes Psy 265

GPA 3.7
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About this Document

These notes discuss gender identity, masturbation, and sociobiology in mate selection.
Human Sexual Behavior
Dr. Kate Bruce
Class Notes
Human Sexual behavior, Masturbation, sexual selection, Sociobiology, Gender, Gender Identity




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 265 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Kate Bruce in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 01/14/16
Week One Notes: Masturbation, Gender, and Sociobiology Study Soup Katie Albritton How do you define male and female? SNL character “Pat”, 1980s Androgyny stereotypes Pretty offensive  We like to know if the person we are talking to is male or female Worm with 13 different sexes All can mate with the other ones Androgyny Expressing both male and female characteristics How to tell? Ask about their gender identity Genital sex Chromosomal sex Behavior Stereotyping Secondary Sexual Characteristics Sexual Orientation Most people are heterosexual, though this method will not always be correct Career More stereotypes  Internal structures Testes v. ovaries and uterus Hormonal gender Prenatal; puberty Gender role Assigned gender Perspectives Provide a framework for asking questions about human sexual behavior  Historical Biological Psychological Evolutionary Sociocultural Masturbation/Onanism Genesis 38: 6­10 Story of Onan Was tasked by his father with impregnating his dead brother's wife Spilled his seed on the ground instead Unclear if he “pulled out” or masturbated? Was smote by the lord Unclear if because masturbation was considered wrong or if because he  disobeyed his father Basis for religious disapproval of masturbation  Early 1700s Semen: A substance of divine energy Homunculus A tiny person in each sperm Seen as a waste of potential energy and a potential person to masturbate  How many sperm in the average male ejaculate? 300 million How many usable eggs in an average woman's life? Around 400 Tissot Swiss physician Degeneracy Theory, 1758 Loss of an ounce of semen would weaken the body more than the loss of 40  ounces of blood One ejaculate is about 1/10  of an ounce 40 ounces of blood is like donating 2 ½ bags of blood (each bag is 16 oz) That's 2 ½ lbs of blood! Which you cannot do because it is dangerous to lose that much  blood at one time Benjamin Rush American physician, 1800s Father of American psychiatry Masturbation causes illness such as: Pulmonary consumption (tuberculosis) Dimness of sight You'll go blind Or “you'll put you eye out, kid!” Vertigo Epilepsy Hypochondriasis Memory loss Masturbatory insanity What to do? Prevention of sexual excess is vital, starting with children Castration I fail to see how removing the testicles prevents masturbation and saves semen... Considering you're removing the glands that produce semen, wouldn't this be the  opposite of helpful if semen is divine and sacred? Clitoridectomy Remove the clitoris  How Circumcision Isn't there anything less severe than surgery? Guilt trip “Don't do that Timmy, it's a sin and it'll make you go insane!” Advice books Curb urges; think about baseball, Johnny!  Devices Most for males, though some for females Chastity belts, Junam Ring (a ring with spikes that hurts if the penis becomes  engorged during sleep, to prevent wet dreams) Treatment and Prevention  Sylvester Graham Religious zealot and health reformer Traditionally not considered a good combination Graham diet and practice sexual abstinence Avoid stimulants  Tobacco, Coffee, Tea, Vinegar, Pepper, salt, Rich Gravy, Alcohol, Sex Rich, spicy, hot food John Harvey Kellogg Plain food necessary for the young and old “Eat what the monkey eats: simple food, and not too much of it.” Monkeys also sometimes eat other monkeys I doubt Kellogg would have endorsed eating monkeys Or cannibalism Developed all sorts of plain cereals Not the sugary ones we have today Think corn flakes, not Frosted Flakes An Evolutionary Approach to Sexual Attraction and Mate Selection Questions from a study done using college students in 2006 How strongly are you seeking a one­night stand? Females: Not very strongly Males: Pretty strongly How many sexual partners would you like to have? Female Male In the next month .8 2 In the next year 1 8 In your lifetime 4.5 18 Would you consider having sex with a desirable partner you had known... Female Male For a year Probably yes Yes For six months Neutral Yes For a week Definitely not Probably yes For a day No Probably yes For six hours No Neutral For ten minutes No Probably not Would you......with an attractive stranger? (reported as percent of sample that said yes) Female Male Go out to dinner 50% 50% Go to their place 6% 69% Have sex 0 75% Please keep in mind that these are self report replies, and that it is unethical and illegal to follow  participants to find out what they would REALLY do in these situations Explaining our Preferences Sociobiology: Sexual Strategies Theory We look for partners who will provide healthy offspring Sexual Selection (type of natural selection) Males Intrasexual selection Competition for females, multiple partners Attraction to fertile females Females Intersexual selection Mate choice, more choosy Attraction to males with resources 


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