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Chem 111 Letter to Future Students

by: Caroline Hurlbut

Chem 111 Letter to Future Students Chem 111

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Chemistry > Chem 111 > Chem 111 Letter to Future Students
Caroline Hurlbut
GPA 3.7
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About this Document

This is a letter covering what you should and shouldn't do in Chem 111, and how to succeed in the class in general.
General Chemistry I
Dr. Kerry MacFarland
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caroline Hurlbut on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 111 at Colorado State University taught by Dr. Kerry MacFarland in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry I in Chemistry at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 01/14/16
Caroline Hurlbut 323 Pinon Hall 900 W. Plum St. Fort Collins, CO, 80521 December 10, 2015 Dear Future Chem 111 Student, Chem 111 is a very important course, not just at CSU, but anywhere, and I assure you it is challenging, so I want to give you some advice for succeeding in it. Alot of what I am about to tell you is common sense, but I can tell you not doing these things is a big reason why a lot of people struggle in or fail Chem 111, so pay attention. The first thing you should do to succeed in Chem 111 is obviously to actually go to lecture and recitation. There are no powerpoint notes, and the textbook only helps you so much because it’s not a real person that can explain the material more simply if you need help. Chem 111 may be one of the most important classes you take all semester, so actually go to every class, even if it’s at 8 am, and take notes while you’re there because going to class is useless unless you also pay attention (unless you’re out of town or really sick or something; you shouldn’t go to class if you’re dying). I promise it’s not that bad. I never fell asleep once; believe it or not the class is actually kind of interesting. Second thing is do your homework. You may not think those reading reflections worth one point each are a big deal, but skip enough of them and those missing points start to add up. Same with learning journals, clicker questions, andALEKS. You paid for an iclicker and they’re a pretty significant portion of the semester’s points, so don’t let easy points go and use it. Also, completingALEKS objectives is really important because there are over 200 topics, all relating to what you learn in class, and completing them not only gets you points but helps you practice. I understood the material a lot more after practicing inALEKS, so this is probably the most important source of practice outside of example problems in lecture and recitation. Third thing you should do is really try on the exams. Going into this class I’d heard horror stories about Chem 111 exams and how difficult they are, and I promise you they are, but don’t quit. Make a study plan that works for you, follow that plan, and try your best on the exam. If this means taking some more time to read and answer each question carefully and going through it twice to make sure you didn’t make any dumb mistakes, then do it, because it’s worth putting in some effort and not bombing the exams. Doing the post-exam reflections helps too; they’re easy, take 30 minutes at the most, and can get you up to 10% back on your exam, so not doing these would be dumber than any dumb mistake you made on the exam. Again, all these things seem like common sense, but you might be surprised by how many people don’t do them and think they can get away with it, and they don’t and end up having to retake the class, so just do them. If you’re considering not trying in Chem 111 because you think that the class isn’t relevant or important, you’re wrong. The concepts and skills you will learn in Chem 111 are the essential basics of chemistry and what explains a lot of our universe in general; they make up the foundation of all future Chem classes, and some concepts of chemistry even carry over into biology. These classes are requirements for every college in the country, and doing poorly will affect your GPAand will definitely look bad to post-graduate colleges and future employers so you don’t just have to know the stuff, you have to remember it. Many of the students who take Chem 111 are majoring in a science-related subject and aim to study in a similar field as post- grads with the hope of becoming doctors or researchers. If this sounds like you, you need Chem 111, and you need to do well in it. You need to do well not only because getting a high grade will look impressive to any post-grad schools you might apply to, but learning the material presented in this class is the backbone of what you will be applying in your learning for the next 4-10 years as well as what you will be practicing for the rest of your life (until you retire that is), so it’s kind of important. Follow these guidelines, add some of your own if you want, and you will succeed in Chem 111. Trust me you want to—it’s worth it. Good luck! Sincerely past student, Caroline H.


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