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Psych 3060

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1 review
by: Emily Goff

Psych 3060 psych

Emily Goff
GPA 3.5
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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from chapter 1
Human Sexual Behavior
Bruce Michael King
Class Notes
Psychology, human sexuality




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1 review
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"Good notes containing only material that is covered on test. Very useful and very organized."
Josh Trac

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Goff on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to psych at Clemson University taught by Bruce Michael King in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 332 views.

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Reviews for Psych 3060

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Good notes containing only material that is covered on test. Very useful and very organized.

-Josh Trac


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Date Created: 01/14/16
Human Sexuality Chapter 1 Cross-Cultural Comparisons- Culturally Learned Responses • Western culture o “thin is in” o men find breasts to be attractive o kissing is viewed as a positive activity • Other cultures o “larger” women are more attractive than thin o kissing is seen as disgusting - “exchanging spit” Most Repressive About Sex • Inis Baeg- fictitious name for group of white people living on an island off the coast of Ireland. o Wear full underwear all the time- including during bathing and sexual intercourse o Menstruation and pregnancy are feared o Only engage in sex to have children, regard sex as bad to their health Most Permissive About Sex • Mangaians: people living on a south pacific island o Families all live in one room o Boys and girls are separated at a young age and are taught about sex o When boys reach puberty, they undergo a superincision. After the wound heals, they are given to an older woman who teaches them about all aspects about sex o At night they are encouraged to have sex with as many girls as possible (in the one room huts in front of the families). Boys will have sex between 16-20 girls a week. American’s Stance on Sex • Americans fall in the middle between the Inis Baeg and the Mangaians. We are behaviorally permissive, but repressive in attitude. Major Influences on Western Culture’s Sexual Views (2) 1. Attitudes that originated in Biblical Hebrew times a. Infant mortality rate was high, so they had as many children as possible b. Purpose of sex was to procreate children of God- “Be fruitful and multiply” c. Pleasures of sex were not denied, so sex was viewed as positive d. Males were only allowed to ejaculate in the vagina. If not, it was considered “spillage of seed”. 2. Attitudes that originated from the Victorian Era a. Extreme public anti-sexuality b. Pleasure was not an appropriate reason to have sex c. No sex when pregnant, no sex after menopause à sex was only allowed for procreation d. Human body was viewed as negative, so extreme that ankles are considered provocative. e. Medical findings in this time influenced attitudes on sex i. Loss of semen was thought to be worse than the loss of blood ii. Dr. Kellog made Kellog’s cereal as an anti-masturbation food iii. Circumcision would stop boys from masturbating Other Influences on Western Culture’s Sexual Views • Attitudes that originated in the Greek Era o Dualism: the body and soul are separate o Depriving oneself of bodily pleasures enhanced spirituality • Attitudes that originated from Christianity o St. Augustine: argued that Christians should not find sex pleasurable § Christians should only have sex to have children § Regarded sex as an unpleasant necessity § One should feel guilty about having sexual desires § Women were to be viewed as evil temptresses • Attitudes that originated from the Reformation o Puritans came to the western world to escape persecution § Had positive attitude about sex within the marriage § Had little influence on sex views today Sexual Revolution • Caused by a combination of four things o Free time o Automobiles o STD’s were less feared o Birth control


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