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Mythology Week 1 Lecture Notes

by: Taylor Huffman

Mythology Week 1 Lecture Notes Classical Mythology

Taylor Huffman
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Classical Mythology
David DeVore

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About this Document

These are lecture notes that I have personally taken. These cover the myths were covered during week one in more detail!
Classical Mythology
David DeVore
Class Notes




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Huffman on Friday January 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Classical Mythology at Ball State University taught by David DeVore in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Mythology at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/15/16
Flood Myths MesopotamiaIsrael lt300BC 2OOBC 1OOBC Year1 01152016 1OOAD 2OOAD 300AD Jesus The Common Pattern Ancient Mesopotamian Culture Sumeria the first civilization Rivers and irrigation Cities with temples worshiping of gods and SOOOsBC Urak and Gilgamesh Writing and Religion Empires emerge religious writings 23003 sacrifices to gods Akkad takes over everything Ancient Israelite Culture In ancient times 12OOBC an insignifant people Poor and disunities 12 tribes Hebrew language Worshipped Yahweh Elohim so sacred that they wont even write the name of him its translated to God Elohim Relations powerful male to destroy humanity all humanity gets destroyed expect for a religious man getting saved in a boat boat comes down a high mountain man makes a sacrifice to worship his deity earth is repopulated The Mes0potamian Flood Mvth a secret distance between the gods and humanity Several gods gather at council to do flood Anu is father God Ellil is counselor Gods all have divided functions Why does the flood happen in the text No reason it distances the Gods from humanity Gods are mysterious or annoyed that humanity is disturbing them in some way The trickster God Ea likes to tell plans of others created humanity has a good motif for rescuing the humans Ea makes it adamant to Utnapishtim The boat precious metals and craftsmen with animal metal more important Dutiful gods prepare flood lshtar Goddess of sexuality mourns six days and seven nights See a division polytheistic system sad but not sad enough to do anything about it Mount Numush mountain to see whether he is saved he realses a dove raven and swallow After last raven retunes he makes a sacrifice to the gods says gods gathered like flies over the sacrifice fragrances Gods are seen like scavengers trying to get any reward greedy and though ess Enlil vs Ea Utnapishitan and his wife are made immortal Messages from the Mvth gods are divided arbitrary and mysterious some care about humanity EaIshtar most are hostile towards humans only the immortals can know the matters of the gods piety can make the gods favorable to humans a special interest in precious objects The Israelite Flood Mvth Yahweh Lord regrets creating humanity Elohim God spares Noah for righteousness and nonviolence Elohim commands Noah to build an ark and take one pair of each animals male and female into the ark commands to take seven pairs of each clean animals and one pair of each unclean animal Yahweh sends rain for 40 days and 40 nights 150 days Noah sends out a raven and a dove 3 times dove twice Noah sacrifices Yahweh promises never again to destroy humanity Elohim commands Noah to be fruits and multiply permits the eating of meat enacts the death penalty created a rainbow to symbolize covenant Message from the Myth From the same tradition as the Meso version Monotheism proper relation with one deity a longer more massive flood and more powerful deity etiologies for the death penalty kill humans that kill and the rainbow more interest in the animals than the metals The Greek Flood Mvth Greeks that lived in the Aegean sea The Greek civilization emerged by 1600 BC Mycenaean s The civilization was destroyed in 12001100 BC Greek Civilization reemerged 800700 BC They would tell the legends they told about hero s in Mycenaean s Greece had a total of 1000 City States It was unified by language customs gods and temples NOT POLITICS Each city state had their own myths that can differ Worshipping happened in temples of the same kind The Common Pattern Mesopotamian Israelite and Greek Flood Myth Powerful male god will decide to destroy the humanity All humanity will then be destroyed by the actual flood EXCEPT for a man and his family they are saved by boat The boat comes from a high mountain Sacrifice is given Repopulation of Earth The Greek and Roman Flood Mvth ZeusJupiter said to travel down to check on costumes he comes to a house of a man named Lycaons Lyacons offers flesh of person cannibal is taboo Lycaon is in need of punishment and Zeus turns him into a wolf Zeus is mad at Lycaon and deices to kill all humanity and gets God s help not all gods Poseidon Zeus brother helps 0 A couple humans get saved from flood Deucalion and Pyrrha happen to be in a boat and are saved not chosen for any reason 0 Their boat comes down from a large mountain 0 After the flood Decualion is worried about repopulation of humans and he goes to goddess Themis she needs pleased Goddess of justice 0 He preforms a sacrifice he asks what he should do to repopulate the earth 0 They should toss the bones of their great mother over their heads hard for them to understand intelligence comes in he realizes MOTHER EARTH Both go out of the temple and toss the stones these grow up to be human 0 The two have a son of their own named Hellen Hellen means Hellas Greeks would be able to say that they were descendant from the two Greeks that survived the flood and they are older Greeks have a more privileged place to be said Messages from the Greek and Roman Flood 0 The gods all work together no conflict among the Gods 0 Its either for or against humanity 0 Testing or offending a god can bring punishment 0 Understanding the gods as a whole brings you success knowledge 0 Etiologies origin or explanation of a specific animals meaning wolf in this instance or a different human race The Chinese Flood Mvth 0 Not followed by the deity God 0 Chinese culture grew because of rivers flooding was a fear for them Yu was believed to build certain things that earn him this power to be chosen Yu is chosen to resist the flood that is going to take place by the hero Yu cant survive he was resist it from harming humanity 13 years of trying to stop the flood involves long serious of labors similar to other myths less damage Yu channels the flood instead of dams doesn t let destroy human land There is help from supernatural creatures He Bo and Genchen He 80 needed indo Genchen helps fight river monster Goes Yu against Wuzhiqi Genchen ties a chain to the neck of the creature and stops it In the end Yu stops the flood and goes onto we hope to get awards he deserves but Yu experiences tragedy with a women Yu changes into a bear and the women is embarrassed and she changes into a stone The baby comes out of the rock Because of the flood Yu is looked at as power For the Chinese it s a etiology for china Takeaway the flood as a hero s conflict and a etiology for Chinas emperors why china has a emperor and why a certain family has a role The Indian Flood Mvth A ruling person Manu finds a fish that warns him a flood is coming No deity is said to make it happen The fish grows big and tells Manu to build a boat to save himself He builds the boat and the fish pulls him up to safety This fish is a avatar of Vishnu said to have had 10 different avatars in order to sustain humanity he s going to have to become human blue skin After getting pulled to safety and survives the flood once over a women is created for him he becomes ancestor and first law giver Survival gives him special power to give laws Takeaway story for humans Etiology for a mountain name and a flood myth told as entertainment The Mavan Flood Mvth Advances and have good calendars Creation myth A creator god makes everything happen No specific character 1St creation of humanity is ugly burning of pots hurting dogs this isn t what he wants Sends flood to wipe out all human beings that aren t at high mountains Humans that did escape were turned into monkeys Trying to make new humanity the god then uses his sons to create humanity Humanity is seen a liquors Created 4 men that are grateful and do everything right he only lets them see close Dance with joy when seen first dog Takeaway grateful humanity and recipe for humans Takeaways from ood myths Shows human survival against hard violence of nature Devine shows differ emotions emotional mysterious Different types Gives different etiologies Entertainment


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