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Test Upload

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1 review
by: Alex Tuong

Test Upload MATH 11200-02

Alex Tuong
GPA 3.675
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About this Document

This is just a test upload to my account
Calculus II
Emilie B. Wiesner
Class Notes




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1 review
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"If Alex isn't already a tutor, they should be. Haven't had any of this stuff explained to me as clearly as this was. I appreciate the help!"
Patience Langosh II

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tuong on Friday January 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 11200-02 at Ithaca College taught by Emilie B. Wiesner in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Calculus II in Mathematics (M) at Ithaca College.

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Reviews for Test Upload

Star Star Star Star Star

If Alex isn't already a tutor, they should be. Haven't had any of this stuff explained to me as clearly as this was. I appreciate the help!

-Patience Langosh II


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Date Created: 01/15/16
Anonymous  4-Chan, where anonymous came from  “B” Board-anything goes  Trolling- getting someone as mad as possible for their own enjoyment  Hacktivism- MIT, Model Railroad Club  Hacking originated as humorous jokes, “Brians” – 422 Brians  Cult of the Dead Cow  Writing software for people in other countries to communicate securely without oppressive government finding out  Hacking on behalf of righteousness  Memes- evolution  Habbo Hotel- Black guy with big afro wearing a black suit  Hal Turner- Neo Nazi, who harassed a member of anonymous, DDoS, sent countless pizzas, pallets of industrial materials and escorts, made him bankrupt and took him off the internet  Scientology, video of Tom Cruise, scientologist shuts down the video, blocked phones to the church of scientology  Ion Cannon  Video of declaration of war to scientology  Video of code of conduct for anonymous  Anonymous in Time Square  Anonymous protests all around the world in front of scientology buildings  Scientology fights back with sues and attacks on the internet posting things about anonymous As a society, we believe that everyone has the right to know what is happening in our own country. That there are no secrets to be kept by the government. Countries such as China, North Korea, or any of the communists or oppressive countries are keeping secrets from their citizens. This is causing for revolution against the reigning regime. Anonymous is a group that is trying to eliminate this barrier between the government and its people. They are hackers that a well known for messing up people’s lives or revealing things that were otherwise censored from the internet. They believe in internet freedom and the full extent of the internet’s power. Some say that what anonymous does is dangerous on the internet. The power that they hold over users of the internet can become catastrophic and many things could collapse. However, they are more of a vigilante group that is trying to make the internet a place of freedom with full creative power. Pros  External system of checks and balances  Promotes free speech and independent thought  Releasing sensitive info so the community can be informed  Exposes injustices  After the shooting in Ferguson, “Operation Ferguson” aimed to unearthing the truth of the shooting  Organized protests and rallies across the nation  Demanded justice for Brown and his family  Protection of the protestors through threat videos to the police  Free speech advocacy  In case of Ferguson anonymous advocated for transparency in the internal operations of the police and justice for the family  Called attention to the excessive force protestors faced  Revealing information that was trying to be covered up by school officials in a case of a 16 year old raping  Exposed rape culture  Operation Tunisia- DDos Tunisian government websites  Helped people to conceal their identities online to avoid detection from oppressive regime Cons  Bully and harass people but it is under the radar  Engaging battle with other groups in the fight for what’s “right” and “wrong”  Attacking something because they think their beliefs are wrong  What is right and wrong?  Picks the easiest target to attack  Attacks something that is weaker and already being mocked at by everyone Edward Snowden  Born NC in 1983  Worked for National Security Agency as a security guard  Turned into an information-technology job at the CIA  Collected top-secret documents regarding NSA domestic surveillance practices  May 2013, collecting documents at work he found invasive and disturbing  NSA spying on millions of American citizens under the umbrella programs such as PRISM  May 20, 2013, Snowden goes to Hong Kong while the fallout begins  June 5, 2013 United Kingdom “Guardian” newspaper releases secret documents obtained from Snowden about an American intelligence body  Government required Verizon to release information daily  “Guardian” and “Washington Times” released Snowden’s information on PRISM and NSA programs that allows real- time information collection


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