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history 411

by: Mary Ellen Romero

history 411 history 411

Mary Ellen Romero
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About this Document

These notes are just a skimmed version of what we will be covering throughout this course. I will be uploading them as I go. This course focuses on the time of WWI and WWII and the time in between....
history 411
Dr. Balto
Class Notes
history, WWI WWII




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Ellen Romero on Friday January 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to history 411 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Balto in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see history 411 in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/15/16
1/14/16 An Overview: 1918(ish) to 1945(ish) 1910s : Eve of WW1-US has emerged as most dominant financial power of the world -This will guide the way- Woodrow Wilson: vision of peace without victory… the best outcome of the war is that no one ends United states does not want to be involved in the war 1917: United States has declared war  Fundamentally different than anything US soldiers have seen before  TECHNOLOGY: trenches, mustard gas, missiles  People have not seen this type of war before horror  French and German soldiers who died at Verdun have a cemetery of acres  160,000 US soldiers died  US only involved in WW1 for about 18 months AFTER the War League of Nations: shaky  Failed with WWII Money being given out like crazy by JP Morgan  Germany United States booms after War Adolph Hitler (paper topic) Talks about knowing the only way Germany or anywhere else will succeed is by overtaking US financial power  driving force behind WWII LEFT socialist party Anti-capitalist People should share profits of large scale Eugene Debs: face of the Socialist Party RIGHT communist party All power to the workers Followers- Labor movement, African Americans Red Scare: general fear of communism (paper topic) WOMEN MOVEMENT: “Women bring all voters into the world, let women vote” BIRTH CONTROL REVIEW People want immigrants to speak English, and dress like an American, be American Idea of the “MELTING POT” Prohibition (paper topic) 1919: the beginning of Prohibition until 1930 First time all Americans have had a specific right taken from them WHY?  Men coming home drunk waling on their wives  Spending money on booze For VS. Against booze?? Prohibition breaded crime : RISE OF GANGSTERS (paper topic) murder rates went through the roof mafia, gang warfare  Prohibition known as a failure  Did not prevent people from drinking “A Religious Right” Evolution in schools KKK: Marion Indiana Sin and corruption “The Great Migration” begins during WWI until 1920s blacks move to Harlem, Detroit, North why?  Escaping Jim crow  Lynching  Looking for a better living Henry Ford : Ford motor company A man who worked at the ford plant would make enough to take a ford home “Consumer Economy”  Spending money you don’t have Before this the country was of producers Revolutions in Housework?? 1920s: Change in advertisement Roaring 20s didn’t roar for everyone Coca cola is FUN Movies Radio ISSUES: not everyone shared the wealth  Farmers  African Americans in the south  African American migrants “Harlem Renaissance”/ “The Jazz Age” 1929 GREAT DEPRESSION ½ GDP down 1 economical terror living in shanties Americans starving to death, unclothed, cannot feed children No jobs The Dust Bowl Wipes out all possibility of farming PROTESTS Communists party helping facilitate -evictions -begging for food -ANGER at the government 1933 New President: Roosevelt Pledges to bring people out of the great depression and make sure it never happens again “for a new deal” biggest reorientation that has ever existed  Social security  Insurance Artwork was created Famous artwork: Migrant Mother The Suburbs Urban segregation Fundamental change in relationship with the Government “Economic security” Pearl Harbor Hiroshima and Nagasaki Rosie the Riveter: Feminist icon Women enter the industrial work force in new way and numbers while men are over seas War does wonders for the economy


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