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BISC 1112 - Week 1 Notes

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1 review
by: Nikita Shah

BISC 1112 - Week 1 Notes BISC1112

Marketplace > George Washington University > Biology > BISC1112 > BISC 1112 Week 1 Notes
Nikita Shah
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About this Document

These notes cover the first lecture discussing Evolution.
ntroBio-Bio of Organisms (BISC 1112)
Class Notes




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1 review
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"What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore..."
Larue Thiel

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nikita Shah on Saturday January 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BISC1112 at George Washington University taught by Doebel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see ntroBio-Bio of Organisms (BISC 1112) in Biology at George Washington University.


Reviews for BISC 1112 - Week 1 Notes

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What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore...

-Larue Thiel


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Date Created: 01/16/16
BISC 1112 – Doebel Lecture 1 – Introduction  It was thought that we all have one common ancestor (established 3.8 billion years ago) and now there are 3 domains of life 1. Archaea 2. Bacteria 3. Eukaryote Evolution and Its Core Principles -Natural selection and it’s mechanism; Darwin explained how it works Through observations, Darwin discovered “common descendants”, and the idea that there are heritable traits from them Natural Selection Before Antibiotic After Antibiotic   Understanding evolution meant the end of the idea of a fixed living world  There is no goal in evolution, it is based on the scientific approach  Natural selection shapes, but it does not design o No mind, no goals o No consciousness/morals o Neither cruel nor kind, simply indifferent History Before Darwin  Long held views on the Earth were being challenged  George Cuvier: established sciences of comparative anatomy and paleontology (late 1700s)  Jean-Baptiste Lamarck: Studied epigenetics; believed that the long necks of giraffes evolved as generations of giraffes reached for even higher leaves on trees (1809)  Charles Lyell: studied how the earth is changing (1830) Darwin  Born in 1809, and died in 1882  At age 22, he went on a voyage for 6 years  The research/discoveries from previous scientists (mentioned above) and Alfred Russell Wallace all helped Darwin create the famous book The Origin of Species Comparative Anatomy- Looking at different species of animal parts and comparing Homologous Characters- If two species have a common ancestor, and have similar comparative anatomies, they are considered homologous Analogous Characters-Features that are similar but do not have a common ancestor. Ex.) if a bat and a whale have a similar limb structure, that does not mean they have a common ancestor  Artificial Selection: Darwin saw that when human beings chose organisms with specific characteristics as breeding stock, humans were preforming the role of the environment o Ex. Dog breeding Evidence for Evolution  The fossil record presents a falsifiable claim


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