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GSU 1010 Reflection

by: Fatou Sosseh

GSU 1010 Reflection ECON 2105 080

Fatou Sosseh
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Elena Andreyeva

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About this Document

Community service reflection for GSU 1010
Elena Andreyeva
Class Notes
Gsu 1010, Paper, reflection





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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Fatou Sosseh on Saturday January 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 2105 080 at Georgia State University taught by Elena Andreyeva in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 88 views.


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Date Created: 01/16/16
Sosseh 1 Fatou Sosseh Katherine Kendall GSU 1010 28 October 2015 ABL Re ection On Saturday October the 3rd I went to the Big Bethel AME church with my classmates This church is near Georgia State University and it serves as a place of worship and service to the community Our job for that day was to help guide and teach the children during Saturday school The children ranged from four to ten years old They had different curriculums depending on their age groups Most of the kids were very hyper so it was difficult to keep their attention On the surface it seems like a simple task but it wasn t so easy When I first got to the church I couldn t find the entrance Luckily when I turned the corner one of the church officials was waiting for students to lead them in Once I entered the room I saw tables of children and my classmates sprinkled out among them One of the officials we ll call her Ms Smith because I forgot her name Ms Smith told me to sign in She explained the curriculum for the students and the schedule for the day Then she told me to pick a kid and help out When I got to the church most of the kids and GSU students were paired up I picked a random table and asked if I could help out I didn t recognize the GSU student sitting there so I asked her if she was a freshman like me She told me that she was actually a senior that helped out at the church from time to time After chatting for a few minutes to get to know each other we proceeded to collaborate on how we were going to help the kid we were working with Sosseh 2 Mathew was the kid we were assigned to He was very energetic and very smart He is in the third grade so he had to read a book and show his understanding of it He read a book that was based on an island with many different types of environmental scenery IfI had to be honest I was very surprised with his reading ability He read quickly and consistently He made a few mistakes here and there due to the fast paced reading but it was understandable for a kid of his age group The only thing that saddened me was that he thought he wasn t smart Whenever we asked him questions that he didn t know he would ruminate the question then say I don t know I m not smart He thought that since we were older we should know the answer because we were smart We immediately reassured him that he was smart and he had an amazing reading ability We also told him that because we were older it didn t mean that we knew everything and that he could know things that we didn t We had a moment of clarity and mutual understanding with Mathew that lasted all of thirty seconds He then went back to his ways of obnoxious and energetic horseplay After we had a talk with Mathew he had to do the assignment that came with the reading He had to make a postcard re ecting on his time on the island and write to his friend telling himher all about it We ipped through the book and gave him ideas on what to write about on the postcard We gave him crayons to make the postcard aesthetically pleasing We stood on standby just in case he needed help By the time we were finishing up with Mathew I met Joey The student volunteer that was paired up with him had to leave early so they asked me to keep an eye on him He was very adorable quiet and shy I wanted to take him out of his shell so I suggested we play connect Sosseh 3 four He complied and you wouldn t believe it Shy Joey was a pro at the game He beat energetic Mathew repeatedly I was proud of Joey for having fun and interacting You could see the light in his eyes which was nice to see Afterwards we helped prepare lunch for the kids They complimented our sandwich making skills After eating they were allowed to play at the youth center that was nearby A couple of kids stayed back to take assessments and Joey was one of them When he was finished we walked hand in hand to the youth center Upon arrival I asked him if he wanted to play basketball with the other kids but he shook his head no This prompted me to take out my phone and open one of my game apps I let him play the child appropriate games until it was time to go When I was leaving I realized one thing dealing with children is hard I was tired by the end of it all We had to look after so many hyper children that wouldn t listen all day Nevertheless I was happy about the end result We helped some kids expand on their reading abilities and we spent time with them Who knows if they get that on a daily basis That alone made the experience worth it The skill that I used the most was giving a sense of understanding and trying to help out This skill can aid my future career because it gives me the strength of cooperativity and hard work As a Georgia State University student there are many opportunities for me to help out my community considering the fact that we are located in a city where hundreds of thousands of people need help I wouldn t mind lending my hand to any important cause because it is a chance to help someone in need I enjoyed this experience because it gave me a sense of usefulness and it gave me the opportunity to support my community


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