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Computer Science

by: Tina Notetaker

Computer Science CS 201 intro into computer science

Tina Notetaker
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CS 201 intro into computer science
Yan Wu

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About this Document

Week 1 notes covers Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
CS 201 intro into computer science
Yan Wu
Class Notes
CS 2010




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tina Notetaker on Saturday January 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CS 201 intro into computer science at Bowling Green State University taught by Yan Wu in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see CS 201 intro into computer science in ComputerScienence at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 01/16/16
W Df am pwk 5 2010 I CUM pa 19 agZammmg j M Layman rquot s L x k m Ck gonpu LC 6quot i u ZUMS r rquot quuhgmkg 3 Vp Hm Om pm Can sgltnd Jc Cx nd 0 Her prc c mmmr cm wxduskm C 052 HRWN Q Sbovd Cg Shad C39 g kkawa HM 6 km D 3 aWYM CJX vs A L30 k g4 LQMCA c Cad a I7 6 341 u g BRbk m 3 Lou O in WA piame 3 O n M50 WWW 3MC 0 5 3 0 que cx commmm pagam 0 Xask A 00 m 3 U 0 Qslmxdnon Wok Compwem 0 pungLA usk coMWu MK m s a o Cifzm 1 N hug me new pragmmmcb quot SOL 310me sobmcg deJSUEn r COMDNKIS C50 089839 30b3 Comprx sm C0n ro WA 2 Arm lrhtWxk r MA tb e sques e Dem 935 memoc amp yqu 5 C39OnSQCMrUQ b res 150 Dy will gave a cadder Q 1 Ema 0ch kmkma ac um errOCs or mxgkakgg and wax A n g I 39 39QIOWOM Y hgu Madgth keyWords fesemed uXde j quot I M 0 O M VQX WMA IM QAA quot MAW m bkt P l x mm w1 L r i Q I s 7 i v V 7 map A L u 7 1 Q 6 Hem 2 L T 2 2 W51quot 77 Q1u s 0 39 50m pke C 3 31me 6quot commM Cu6es C Oahpom gt pre pmcegsdr clwecllaa U mt Ski quot wiixdw WWW 0 use M Om 5quotquot aQCbAnmm girtlrmh v mm H 7777 QCXWVF oor 08 36F MOMA ocxmik Q Jm of I UA c LKQUQ 39 n If Oufrgud S if FQS BCRO39I 6 9de 010 092an5 Skw r ker t End 03 bbck qmom kOU pH i Z 2 Th CmL Objec I8 asphbb Cu pu v on We com 116 Screen W Com M30 He 753mm nser HOW 0 CO 0 y C 0 PC DU COW A l MEN 9 Wan QQ HAFQ LO COLA Z C01 A 395 NM 0 v 4 Mere quot Q U 1X 4 4 Hz 0 quot J I Q COM 39 C Yggfel Q I 611 c U COW owe HQ ewd me Q00 COU QED u M GSCOQQ EaQquem CG 0 I 0 New m 9 0amp3 7 S w DULCQ 1 m QJ 7 7 7 quot7 7 7777 m n 1 l I I 3 I I III 0 9 7 n 7 j r a 7 v 39 7R7 7 I 7 7 j in I I 7 I I an 1 I 39 7 I W 7 7 777 7 7 4 7 7 41 an 1777 quot 7 77 1 7 J7 quoti L r a J 39 i rr Wtquot I f V i39 F71 jii Ew 777 JFJ quot I 77 I r i v 73 i715 21 7 vuJ v r 5 l 7quotquotrquotquot 7777771 777 r r r 3 v I47 7 31 V 39 3 9quot quot I I I m r 39 quot 77 quotlt J39 7 7 7777 7777 7 II a II I r I I I iquot 39l I 39 n I V n I III II 2 i 1 h T7 quot H 1 U Fa 7 97 39 J 7 i J r 17 7 1 7 39vu 77 7 E I a EU 7 7 A I a 39 a quot H 39 a n 7 a u II 1 7 I H 5 lJPty 47 E i r i 7 n I d 7 I 7 7 7 i I i I m a I 7f a r 1 r Iqu I I 7i J 39 7 3 b quot W 7 7 I I IIII 1 II III I I if I I 1 L I i I I I a 39 7 M 1 3quot 7 75 7 V rquot mer quot 7 r HUI I x r w r I III I I I IIIIIIIII 1 I I I I II III III 77 III 7 r quot II III I n 3r EE l 7 7r 7 grri r I i 3 I r ix I I I ii E r I rrrjd quot T quotan 2 7 u 1 J w r 1 77w II J l J i 7 7 39 39 J quot A 771 7 41 u 7 Iquot 39 39 quot irT gaf jyj v v 7 4 l L PWquot Ff E 5 ifquot jig w u y I 7 r7 397 J 7quot 77 n 39 FL 7471 7 7 L7J 7 I I 7 739 L77 5 q 777 7 39 L DJ 7 I 7 7 7 17 quot37 v39 LI J7 H g 239 7 7 K W1 397 7739 L 7 T quot L 39 Ir quot 7 g n 2 Lij L 34 JP 7 D g x I391 1 III r I If I I A 9 r7 IL F I ii 1 I 2 ILII I II 77 I u r7 Lu 7 ier7 7739 J 7 7 7Jr77 7 7 a S r 7quot 777 7 7 77 7 7 7 7 7 n j L ner f 7 17f 7 l I L U ir HEL f rquot if a W 3 7 E1 q t Lani f in I I 1 SJ I I II LII M I j ij Eb FIIQIIIIIIIEJ I7 II I w r r 7 A uil 77 J 7 7J E14 7 39 a 7 7 w H7 I I 739 7 0 3 7 Er H i quot E m 39 1 4amp1 A a 39 7 7 7 39 39l 7739 F it 39 D F J 7 3y quot I 7 I 39 I j H a L 2E5 H 7 Juli JLI rape 7 a 39 L5 y 391 W751 E If UH j H I I 1 IfIII I 7 7IIJQ 7 1 IVII 77J I DWI w E II I II III II IIII II In I I I I nun r n J 1quot 17quot A 39 7 lt s T 4 L J I II 7 III W7 I J I 7 39 quot I I I I I I i I I m V I 7 3 71 17 39V 77 727414 Jrkiifg39v ifr 7 7 r1 a 1 a I I is 39 39F Eng I ADI II I H 39 7 lt7 Might fni quotF J quot 39 11 39 J 41 9 39 quot t 397 777777777717 5 L u g 4 1 I7 7 quotv j I I j l 1 4 I 39H39 L I quot7 F 7 7 L J 7777 niaf39 7 71 a I n i 7 v I I 339 m I I 3 j V II I I I I I I I r r I I 7 I x r s 39 L VIIIIII II39I III I I II I quot39 r a 39 V w t I j LIA I I m I I FI IIIJE III IV I II I I IN 71 Lquot 73979 E1 D L J 7 7 I 77 7 7quot 39l39 L39 if i 7 f I 39 L J Fl 391 r 7 V 1 I J L m H39 1 I w 1 J M D L h 7 g 71 n E I 7 I I E7 39 WUi J 7 L 7 7 7 E Hm 397 T I i 7 47 1 77 l 9M aw N77 quotw a 39 r 391 7 d w 7 7 139 1e 7 W 1 EL 1 I U 59157 a quot f 39 w www I 7 I I IIhL 7 e I II I I m 7 7 z i q u i 3791 IIIF I 7 7 g lt x M e 39 9v were a com us MO NOV Odor r shrxt q 3 Li J VC L quotN ktquotgt asp r L dqgw L Q ow bu mgm LAL3 LA LCCS 7 x Dahle HM S UUU 4Cn WW QOLC Elk Emuo Hue H HR n 39 Q L WPQYUL MECCA 2 b I 8433 LKUSCNECX an M X was Netde Vewds I A X wagon1 3 K dfrcxw


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