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Week 1 Notes - WR 121

by: Alex Tucker

Week 1 Notes - WR 121 WR 121

Alex Tucker
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College Composition 1
Alyssa Ogi

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About this Document

Included are the notes from Week 1 of Ogi's class.
College Composition 1
Alyssa Ogi
Class Notes
UO, WR 121, writing, Ogi, week 1




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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Saturday January 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WR 121 at University of Oregon taught by Alyssa Ogi in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see College Composition 1 in Foreign Language at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 01/16/16
Argument as Inquiry Day 1 1616 The Shape ofReason says that a community has some characteristics that brings its members together a unifying belief A speci c type of community is a quotdiscourse communityquot where community members cooperate amp create individuality through language 1 Find an unexpected discourse community that you belong to 2 Brainstorm a line of inquiry that is pertinent to a particular discourse community at UO athletes international students oncampus residents quotHidden lntellectualismquot Academic Smarts vs Street Smarts 1 Do you think Graff is arguing an issue that s important amp urgent to your discourse community Why 2 Do you believe college instructors should reevaluate the types of materials they teach 3 Do you agree that any subject can be made richer or duller by the speaker s attitude towards it 4 From your own experience does Graff make a reasonable assumption Our Education System Day 2 1816 On a piece of paper write down U0 requirements to graduate w BA What courses do you need to take WR 121 amp 122 123 2 years foreign language 180 credits 62 upper division 168 ABCDP 45 U0 20 GPA 3 Appeals Strategies to aid audience in believing reasoning 1 strategic use of logic claims amp evidence to convince an audience of a certain point 2 creates sense that writer is trustworthy amp credible 3 targets emotions of reader to create connection w writer Group Notes It is important to learn about other majors to get a breadth of knowledge Writing is the most important We believe that certain classes should be mandatory U0 is not too structured Don t have anything else to compare to John Cassidy39s quotCollege Calculusquot Due to ourjob market its is hard for young adult s degrees to be used well getting a job Getting a job is increasing in dif culty Logos Pathos how many people are getting appealing to proAmerican things early US college degrees history Harvard booming of technology sector picture grad caps w 1 hardhat Ethos Mr Kenneth Arrow Ms Lauren Rivera included other sources by citing to show he knows what he is writing about Logos seems more appealing than the others


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