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GOVT 1111 Lecture 1

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1 review
by: Amanda Xu

GOVT 1111 Lecture 1 GOVT 1111

Amanda Xu
GPA 3.7
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About this Document

Introduction to American Government and Politics
Mettler, S
Class Notes




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1 review
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"I was sick all last week and these notes were exactly what I needed to get caught up. Cheers!"
Aaron Lind

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Xu on Saturday January 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT 1111 at Cornell University taught by Mettler, S in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Introduction to American Government and Politics in Political Science at Cornell University.

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Reviews for GOVT 1111 Lecture 1

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I was sick all last week and these notes were exactly what I needed to get caught up. Cheers!

-Aaron Lind


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Date Created: 01/16/16
LECTURE 09/01  Tocqueville went to US to bring lessons back to France o Surprised by high levels of equality in US: all white male landowners could vote  Later, James Bryce was surprised by high levels of inequality because of the guilded age & robber barons  Growing up in the US  bias in views because of limited viewpoints  Increased number of congressional representation by state  decreased representation in senate due to state population  Representation of women in American politics: top 100 nations in the world  US #1 in: incarceration, gun-homicide, child poverty  US income inequality on the rise  US military spending is equal to the next 7 countries combined  Before the Great Depression, the majority of workers were the working poor o After 1947, “rising ride lifted all boats”  Relationship between economic inequality & political inequality o Top 1% of wealth in share of all incomes was an upside down bell curve o Party polarization shares same graph shape DISCUSSION 09/01 Lecture breakdown  Relationship between economic & political inequality: positive correlation  Difference between oligarchy & democracy  Path dependency: past shapes direction for politics. Historical lens  Partisan polarization Wood Article  LOCKE’S LIBERALISM o Social contract given by consent  Man gives up state of nature (insecurity but complete autonomy & rights) to follow society ruled by majoritarian rule because society will offer protection of unalienable rights (life, liberty, estates)  People agree to congregate  society of one body with majoritarian rule  Justifies overthrowing corrupt authority o Property: life, liberty, estates o Society protests property with 3 ways to achieve safety/public good  Law by common consent AKA majoritarian rule (legislative branch)  Impartial judge (judicial branch)  Force of community to executive law (executive branch) o Top down (authority protects/ensures rights)  JEFFERSON’S REPUBLICANISM o Bottom up (liberalism is top down) o Commonwealth needs patriots  Love of country  Land: need free will, independence, & permanent connection  Similarity of the two: necessity of land/community (Liberalism: majoritarian rule, patriots in community)


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