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HD 101 Section 3 Week 1 Notes

by: Emily Jones

HD 101 Section 3 Week 1 Notes H_D 101 03

Emily Jones
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About this Document

These notes are essentially going over the basics of the class; contact info, exam dates, etc. They also include the first few key terms and ideas of our first unit.
Human Development Across the Lifespan
S Roeter
Class Notes
Human Development, HD




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Jones on Sunday January 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to H_D 101 03 at Washington State University taught by S Roeter in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Human Development Across the Lifespan in Human Development at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 01/17/16
JANUARY 11, 2016 HD 101 Section 3 Our TA: Su Lee can CC Stephanie Roeter Contact for ANY questions or to arrange a meeting Textbook: Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach w/ MyPsychLab w/ eText access card package *Do not throw away any inserts* Use Blackboard for announcements, course calendar, assignment instructions *will be weekly online quizzes* -Have 3 days to complete Cognitive Growth and Development Prenatal Development/Birth -language -nutrients for the baby -problem solving -things to avoid -percentile (weight, length) Physical Growth & Development -body growth: height and weight Health & Wellness -muscle and bone development -stress management -some brain development -nutrition -exercise Emotional Development -decision making Environmental Influences -reactions -community -air & water/ weather Relationships -parent habits/home -romance -laws -friendships -family Death & Dying -Emotional/Mental Wellness -grief/grieving process -do not limit to elders January 13, 2016 HD 101 Section 3 Syllabus and Course Tools DUE: 1. Syllabus quiz on Fri. 1/15 2. Critical thinking activity on Tues. 1/19 Can find both in blackboard Email: Office Hours: (Subject line: HD 101 (your subject) Mon., Wed. 12-12:30 Sincerely, (your full name) Johnson Tower 608 Addressing her as just Stephanie is ok If you have a question about grades… 1) Look at the blackboard learn gradebook 2) Contact Su 3) Contact Stephanie Weekly Quizzes: -15 questions, 15 points, 20 minutes -Open on blackboard on Monday, closed on Wednesday -based on the previous week’s chapter Critical Thinking Activities: -14 available, do 12 total (drop lowest 2) -10% off for each day that it’s late for up to 3 days -10 points each Participation/Attendance: -12 in-class group activities, 5 points each -okay to miss/drop 3 -no make-ups th Final: May 6 3:10-5:10 PM -comprehensive, open note -group exam -9 questions -no make-ups January 15, 2016 HD 101 Section 3 Prosocial Behavior in Early Childhood (guest speaker) Prosocial Behaviors – voluntary actions intended to help or benefit another person or group of individuals; general helping actions Altruism – a special type of prosocial behavior; a helping behavior motivated by the desire to benefit another individual with no expectations of personal gain or special reward; commonly involves risk or cost to oneself - Prosocial behaviors increase across infancy, toddlerhood, to preschool 2  One year olds have been seen comforting one another, or even comforting adults in distress  They also have the highest seen actions of sharing, cooperation, and protecting one another Why is Prosocial Behavior Important? - Geared towards helping other human beings; needed for humans to coexist - Children exposed to more prosocial behavior are more likely to have greater empathy, more academic success, better social skills, etc. Theories on Why Adults/ Children May Help... - May be parents themselves and have greater empathy - They may simply have the time to help - Their personal background …or Do Not Help - Don’t want to take on the responsibility - Bystander effect (someone else will do it) - They may think the person in distress is scamming them - Their personal background Macro Theories – social learning theory; the big picture of how children learn and develop prosocial behavior Micro Theories – social process theory; understanding why an individual decides to help or not help in certain social situations (Below are micro theory examples) The Diffusion of Responsibility (Bystander effect) - This phenomenon occurs when a bystander does not take action because others share the responsibility; the more bystanders, the less likely an individual is to help Norm of Reciprocity - The expectation that helping others will increase the likelihood that they will help us in the future Pluralistic Ignorance - Bystanders assume that nothing is wrong because no one around looks concerned for whoever/whatever needs help Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis - “the purest mode for helping” - When we feel empathy for whoever needs help, we help purely for altruistic reasons (regardless of what we have to gain) - If you don’t feel empathy, you’re only likely to help if you do have something to gain 3


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