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IAH 202 Lecture Notes Week 4

by: Whitney Stilwell

IAH 202 Lecture Notes Week 4 IAH 202

Marketplace > Michigan State University > IAH 202 > IAH 202 Lecture Notes Week 4
Whitney Stilwell
GPA 3.5
Europe and the World
Dr. Steinberg

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About this Document

This is the beginning of the French Revolution notes that will be continued through next weeks lecture as well
Europe and the World
Dr. Steinberg
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Whitney Stilwell on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAH 202 at Michigan State University taught by Dr. Steinberg in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 147 views.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Lecture Notes Week 4 The French Revolution 17891799 0 in 1789 France was a monarchy ruled by Louis XVI O was separated into 3 estates gt the clergy nobility and third estate 0 church owned more than 10 of the land I was in charge of marriage burials no divorces were allowed at this time Q Execution of Louis XVI January 21 1793 0 France turned into a republic instead of a monarchy the three estates were abolished land holdings of the church were taken away and divided amongst divorce became legal women could own property 0 guillotine was introduced Key Question How do we explain that the French Revolution which began with ideas of human rights ended with terror and repression If your goal is freedom and democracy how far would you be willing to go to get that Main Points 1 The French Revolution was a local event with global consequences a ideas of citizenship equality and democracy were a major political structure b the word terrorism was invented in the Revolution Not the meaning we use today to describe it c French Revolution inspired many other revolutions as well 2 Once the French Revolution was underway no one could fully control it or predict its course In other words it was a process a A process of conflict many groups pushing for different things at the same time 3 The Revolution was violent but it cannot be reduced to violence a Compared to the American Revolution the French seemed so much worse in regards to violence b one of the more prominent leaders of terror at the time said Terror without virtue is lethal i helped abolish slavery the day after a speech was 0 O the people 0 0 given 4 After the Revolution change became fundamental feature of modern life a people living in the old regime believed their future was going to be exactly like their present Thought they would live just like their parents and grandparents had b in the modern world whatever our future is its going to be different than our present i only thing we know for sure is everythings going to change ii our life is always in the process of revolutionizing itself Overview of the Revolutionarv Decade 0 17891791 Moderate Phase 0 during this time no one was talking about getting rid of the monarchy or killing the king 0 instead they wanted reform change what they had right now and make it better 0 wanted everythingeveryone to be equal 0 17921794 Radical Phase 0 Reign of Terror happened in this phase 0 monarchy is abolished France becomes a republic 0 France enters war with five other monarchies as well as a civil war 0 17941799 Conservative Reaction 0 an attempt to introduce stability and end the revolution 0 Napoleon Bonaparte takes power in 1799 The Moderate Phase 0 Beginnings of the Revolution 0 global crisis the American Revolution and other revolutions were taking place I the French involvement in America led to fiscal crisis and bankruptcy in France 0 domestic crisis Bankruptcy l taxes had to be put on everyone in order to raise money the nobility were furious with this idea 0 The convocation of the Estates General SpringSummer 1789 O representatives from each estate met and tried to find a way out of bankruptcy 0 elections took place to choose their representativesfirst time people participated in a political vote 0 France enters a stalemate people cannot agree upon things 0 The taking of the Bastille July 4 1789 l people needed weapons and believed that they could find them inside the prison I first shot was fired and everyone went crazy People stormed the prison and captured the governor of the prison 0 killed the govenor and the guards then marched around Paris with their heads on stakes I this whole thing could have ended nonviolently but didn t I The word Revolution came about The people were rising up against the state I by raising the heads of the killed people the people were claiming justice of the state 0 commemoration l model of the bastille made from original stone of the fortress 0 Between the EstatesGeneral and the taking of the Bastille O a pattern is set in motion I an example of the pattern of radicalization The Flight to Varennes 0 king tried to escape to Austria where the queen was from and got caught in the town of Varennes Q the people of Paris stormed the palace when the king returned to 0 this resulted in the fall of monarchy The attack on the Tuilenes Palace of Paris August 10 1792 O No one intended this battle to happen


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