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test notes

by: Allison Caulk

test notes Hist 261

Allison Caulk
GPA 3.65

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About this Document

This is a test
American History since 1865
Eric Mogren
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allison Caulk on Sunday January 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 261 at Northern Illinois University taught by Eric Mogren in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see American History since 1865 in History at Northern Illinois University.


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Date Created: 01/17/16
Clinical Psychology Project (PSYC 102): INTAKE REPORT Clinician(s): Allison Caulk___________________________________________ Case #:  6  Part One: Differential Diagnosis (Clinical Decision­Making) Diagnosis Candidate #1 Diagnosis Candidate #2 “Obsessive­Compulsive Personality Disorder” “Autism Spectrum Disorder” Evidence for diagnosis: Evidence for diagnosis: “I’m a perfectionist”, Likes to make sure  Believes the other workers are wrong in their  everything is in order (Obsessive Interests)work and they don’t listen to him. Asks  Intense interest in the quantity of items incustomers the same questions (Repetitive  checkout aisle. Reluctant to delegate othersBehavior). Intense interest in the quantity of  they don’t comply with direct orders, Botheritems in the checkout aisle. Aggressive towards by dead tree in row, replaced tree. Everythianother employee. Difficulty with  had to be filled (shelves, Ipod, purse). communication and social situations. Evidence against diagnosis: Evidence against diagnosis: No evidence of hoarding “worthless” items,  No evidence of repeating words or movements, Pays compliments to employees when  healthy amount of eye contact, no evidence of  deserved, no hypersensitivity to criticism. self­harm or speech impairment. Additional information needed: Additional information needed: Is there consistent preservation in thoughtsRelationship status with family? and actions? Strong relations with family  members? Clinical Psychology Project (PSYC 102): Intake Report Page 2 Justification for why Diagnosis Candidate #1 better explains the clients presenting concerns: Diagnosis Candidate #1better explains the client’s concerns because Trevor displays very  obvious signs of OCD like Obsessive interest, needing every space to be filled, and having  specific items in certain places. Trevor also shows reluctance towards delegating others because he doesn’t like how they don’t work like he does. Everything needs to be “perfect” and the first  thing Trevor stated is that he is a perfectionist, a common term for those who have OCD. He has repetitive tendencies. Part Two: DSM­5 Comprehensive Diagnostic Formulation Clinical Disorders Psychopathology ICD­10­CM Code DSM­5 Label _F60.5_____ ____Obsessive­Compulsive Disorder (OCD) _____ General Medical Conditions Specify (if any):  ______________________________________________________ Specify (if any):  ______________________________________________________ Specify (if any):  ______________________________________________________ Specify (if any):  ______________________________________________________ Psychosocial and Environmental Problems Check all that apply:    Family/support group problems   Specify: Hasn’t talked to any about his concerns,  believes he is “too intense”. Doesn’t believe anyone understands him.    Relationship problems   Specify: Had to break up with girlfriend of two years, said she      didn’t understand his philosophy. Doesn’t get along with co­workers.    Educational problems   Specify: _______________________________________________    Occupational problems   Specify: On probation because boss says he is trying too hard,  hates his job but needs money, liked job when he was a clerk.    Housing problems   Specify: __________________________________________________    Economic problems   Specify: ________________________________________________    Problems with access to health care services   Specify: _____________________________    Legal/criminal problems   Specify: Got girlfriend charged with music piracy by  downloading thousands of songs onto laptop and ipod.    Other   Specify: ____________________________________________________________ Global Disability GAF Scale (0 – 100) Score:  ____ ____ ____ (Current) Clinical Psychology Project (PSYC 102): Intake Report Page 3 Part Three: Preliminary Treatment Recommendations Psychopharmacotherapy (if any): Psychotherapy (if any): Cognitive­Behavioral Therapy would be helpful for the patient because this type of therapy aims  at changing unhelpful behavior and thinking. The patient needs to change his thinking of his  coworkers to better interact with them in everyday life and perform better at his job.


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