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ASTR 100 Week 1 Notes

by: Sarah Gardner

ASTR 100 Week 1 Notes ASTR 100

Marketplace > Ball State University > Astronomy > ASTR 100 > ASTR 100 Week 1 Notes
Sarah Gardner
GPA 3.5
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Introduction to Astronomy: Solar System and Beyond
Dr. Bob Berrington

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About this Document

Ball State University, Spring 2016, Robert (Bob) Berrington, WMF. Notes taken 1/11 - 1/15; Week 1
Introduction to Astronomy: Solar System and Beyond
Dr. Bob Berrington
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Gardner on Sunday January 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 100 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Bob Berrington in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Astronomy: Solar System and Beyond in Astronomy at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 01/17/16
ASTR 100 Section 2 Spring 2016 MWF I What is Astronomy a Study of the universe in which we live b Involves long and short time scales powers of ten i Plank time 54 X 10quot53 c Involves small size scales and vast distances i Radius of an atom 10 X 10quot10 meters aka 1 Angstrom ii Parsec 326 light years or 31 X 10quot13 km II Scientific Notation a A way to represent a number with a ton of zeros b There is only ever one number to the left of the decimal when using A X 10quotB Rule The absolute value of A is always between 1 amp 10 A Mantissa the signi cant digits 1 lt a lt 10 B exponent significant digits EX Mass of the sun 1988435 x 10quot33 g c Important to note when multiplying and dividing numbers with significant digits i Ten squared is equal to one divided by ten squared aka 10quotX 110quotX ii Flip it the other way 10quotX 110quotX d When the power of ten eXponent is positive the decimal moves gm When it s negative the decimal moves left e Numbers in scientific notation MUST HAVE UNITS kmmgg etc f 00000005 m or 5 X 10quot7 m i NOT 50 X 10quot7 m ii 50 indicates gt 00000005Q III Math Using Scientific Notation a Multiplication b Division 58 X 10quot4 X 378 X 10quot21 Step 1 group mantissas together 58 X 378 21924 Same process for multiplication 58 X 10quot4 378 X 10quot21 Step 1 58378 1534 Step 2 10quot421 10quot25 gt Note 21 became negative because it s in the denominator 153 X 10quot25 IV Scale of the Universe a Units of Astronomers i Light Years are not used 1 1y 10quot12 km or 63000 AU ii There are also Astronomical Units AU which is the average distance between the earth and the sun 15 x 10quot11 m iii The favored unit is a Parsec 1 Pitrallax of 1 ond 2 Abbrev pc 3 Equivalent to 326 ly or 309 X 10quot13 km iv Random fact Astronomers like to use centimeters grams and second for measurements V Our Galaxy a Powers of Ten Video Takeaways i We Milky Way is in the Virgo supercluster of galaxies ii The universe is too big for our minds to comprehend there is no end to it iii The distance between Pluto to the nearest star is about 4 to 5 powers of ten b Our Galaxy i Called the Milky Way or the Galaxy 1 Collection of stars gas and dust 2 100 billion stars 3 Gravity holds it all together ii We don t know exactly what the Milky Way looks like 1 The Milky Way is in the disk of the galaxy about 23 way out the the center 28 x10 ly or 85 kpc 2 Our galaxy is 30000 kiloparsecs across iii We most likely live in a spiral galaxy 1 The center is a bar a As viewed from earth the bar at the center of the galaxy is tilted 20 degrees


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