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by: Olivia Lee


Olivia Lee
GPA 3.65
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About this Document

week 1 terms
Intro to Medical Terminology
Lisa M. Hilliard
Class Notes




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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olivia Lee on Monday January 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HSCI131 at Purdue University taught by Lisa M. Hilliard in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 01/18/16
Medical terminology Week 1 dermat/o Identifies a skin disease  cutane/o Pertains to the skin  nephr/o Identifies a kidney disease  Stomat/o Condition of mouth  Or Pertains to the mouth  erythro Red  gastr/o stomach  hepato liver  immuno immune  osteo bone  -itis inflammation  -megaly enlargement  -oma tumor  an- without  hyper- excessive  intra- within  para- near  poly- many  pre- before  dermatitis inflammation of the skin  cutaneous pertains to the skin  nephroma tumor of the kidney  renal pertains to the kidney  stomatitis Inflammation of the mouth  oral pertaining to the mouth  gastritis inflammation of the stomach  gastromegaly enlargement of the stomach  gastroma tumor of the stomach  hepatitis inflammation of the liver  hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver  hepatoma tumor of the liver  anesthesia condition of not feeling  hyperthermia condition of excessive heat  intramuscular pertaining to within the muscles  paranasal pertaining to near the nose  polyurina condition of much urine  prenatal pertaining to period before birth  gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach & intestine  hepatocyte liver cell  osteochondritis inflammation of the bone and cartilage  osteoarthritis inflammation of the bone and joint -centesis surgical puncture  -clasis to break, surgical fracture  -desis binding, fixation  -ectomy excision, removal  -lysis seperation, destruction, loosening  -pexy fixation  -plasty surgical repair  -rrhaphy suture  -stomy forming an opening  -tome instrument to cut  -tomy incision  -tripsy crushing  -gram record, writing  -graph instrument for recording  -graphy process of recording  -meter instrument for measuring  -metry act of measuring  -scope instrument for examining  -scopy visual examination  -algia pain (1)  -dynia pain (2)  -cele hernia, swelling  -ectasis dilation, expansion  -edema swelling  -emesis vomitting  -emia blood condition  -gen forming producing, origin (1)  -genesis forming, producing, origin (2)  -iasis abnormal condition  -itis inflammation  -lith stone, calcus  -malacia softening  -megaly enlargement  -oma tumor  -osis abnormal condition, increase  -pathy disease  -penia decrease, deficiency  -phagia swallowing, eating  -phasia speech  -phobia fear  -plasia formation, growth (1)  -plasm formation, growth (2)  -plegia paralysis  -ptosis prolapse, downward displacement  -rrhage bursting forth of (1)  -rrhagia bursting forth of (2)  -rrhea discharge, flow  -rrhexis rupture  -sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening  -spasm involuntary contraction, twitching  -stenosis narrowing, structure  -toxic poison  -trophy nourishment, development  -esis condition  -ia condition  -ism condition  -iatry medicine, treatment  -ician specialist  -ist specialist  -y condition, process  -icle small, minute  -iole small (1)  -ule small (2)  gastritis inflammation of stomach  hematemesis vomiting blood  arthritis inflammation of joints  gastrodynia pain in the stomach  hematology study of blood  arthrocentesis surgical puncture of the joint  gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestine  osteoarthritis inflammation of the bone and joints  encephalomeningitis inflammation of the brain and meninges  osteoclasis surgical fracture of a bone to create deformity  arthrodesis binding together of a joint  appendectomy excision of appendix  thrombolysis destruction of a blood clot  mastoplexy fixation of the breast(s)  rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose  myorrhaphy suture of the muscle  tracheostomy forming an opening into the trachea  osteotome instrument of the bone  tracheotomy incision through the neck into the trachea  lithotripsy crushing a stone  electrocardiogram record of electrical activity of the heart  cardiograph instrument for recording electrical activity of the heart  angiograph process of recording blood vessels  pelvimeter instrument for measuring the pelvis  pelvimetry act or process of measuring dimensions of the pelvic  endoscope instrument for examining within  endoscopy visual examination within  neuralgia pain of the nerve  otodynia pain in the ear  hepatocele hernia of the liver  bronchiectasis dilation or expansion of one or more bronchi  lymphedema swelling and accumulation of tissue fluid  hyperemesis excessive vomiting  anemia blood condition cause by decrease in red BC  carcinogen forming, producing or origin of cancer  carcinogenesis forming, producing cancer  cholelithiasis abnormal condition of gallstone  chondromalacia softening of articular cartilage  cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart  neuroma tumor of the nerve tissue  cyanosis blue discoloration of skin / mucous membrane  myopathy disease of muscle  erythropenia decrease in red blood cells  dysphagia inability to/difficult swallowing  aphasia impairment in speech  hemophobia fear of blood  dysplasia abnormal formation or growth of cells, tissues, organs  neoplasm new formation of growth of tissue  hemiplegia paralysis of one side of body  blepharoptosis drooping of upper eyelid  hemorrhage bursting forth of blood  menorrhagia profuse discharge of blood during menstruation  diarrhea abnormally frequent discharge or flow of fluid fecal matter from bowel  arteriorrhexis rupture of an artery  anteriosclerosis abnormal condition of hardening of an artery  belpharospasm twitching of the eyelid  arteriostenosis abnormal narrowing of an agent  hepatotoxic pertaining to a poison that damages the liver  dystrophy bad nourishment pre- before  peri- around  post- after  epi- above, upon  hypo- under, below, deficient  infra- under, below  sub- under  inter- between  pro- knowing before  retro- backward, behind  bi- two  diplo- double  hemi- one side  hyper- excessive  macro- large  micro- small  mono- one  poly- many (1)  multi- many, much (2)  nulli- none  primi- first  quadri- four  tri- three  ab- from, away from  ad- toward  circum- around  dia- through, across (1)  trans- through, across (2)  ecto- outward/outside  exo- outward  extra- outside  endo- within  intra within  para- near, beside beyond  super- upper, above  supra- above, excessive, superior  ultra- excess, beyond  a- without  an- without  anti- agaisnt  contra- agaisnt  brady- slow  dys- bad, painful, difficult  eu- good, normal  hetero- different  homo- same  homeo- same  mal- bad  pan- all  pseudo- false  syn- union, together, joined  tachy- rapid  prenatal period before birth  perinatal period around birth  postnatal period after birth  epigastric pert. to above stomach  hypodermic pertaining to under the skin  infracostal in between the ribs  subnasal under the nose  intercostal between ribs  prognosis knowing before / prediction  retroversion turning backwards  bilateral pertaining to two sides  diplopia double vision  diplobacterial bacterial linked together in pairs  hemiplegia paralysis of 1/2 of body  hypercalcemia excessive calcium in blood  macrocyte large cell  microscope instrument for examining small objects  monotherapy one treatment  uninuclear one nucleus  multigravida woman who was been pregnant more than once  polyphobia fear of many things  nulligravida never been pregnant  primigravida woman during her first pregnancy  quadriplegia paralysis in four limbs  triceps three heads  abduction movement of a limb away from an axis of the body  adduction movement of a limb toward an axis of the body  circumrenal pertaining to around the kidney  periodontal pertaining to around a tooth  transvaginal pertaining to across or through the vaginal  ectogenesis forming outside the body or structure  exotropia turning outward of one or both eyes  extracranial pertaining to outside the skull  endocrine secrete within  intramuscular within the muscle  paranasal beside the nose  superior pertaining to the upper part of a structure  suprarenal pertaining to above the kidney  ultrasonic pertaining to sound beyond that can be heard by the human ear  amastia without a breast  anesthesia without feeling  antibacterial agaisnt bacteria  contraception against conception or impregnation  bradycardia slow heart rate  dystocia difficult childbirth  eupnea normal breathing  heterograft different tissue transplant - donor and recipient are of different species  homograft same transplant, same species  homeoplasia formation of new tissue similar to that already existing in a part  malnutrition bad nutrition  panarthritis inflammation of all or many joints  pseudocyesis false pregnancy  syndactylism condition of joined fingers or toes  tachypnea rapid breathing


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