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CLA 30 Week one notes

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CLA 30 Week one notes CLA 30

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About this Document

these notes cover what's going to be in next test
Word Roots
Emily Albu
Class Notes
word roots




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1 review
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"These are great! I definitely recommend anyone to follow this notetaker"
Jessica Johns

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Monday January 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 30 at University of California - Davis taught by Emily Albu in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Word Roots in Classical Studies at University of California - Davis.


Reviews for CLA 30 Week one notes

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These are great! I definitely recommend anyone to follow this notetaker

-Jessica Johns


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Date Created: 01/18/16
Where and when we first hear about the Greeks and romans In the area of the Aegean sea by the middle of the 2  millennium B.C.E(around 1500B.C.E)­­­­Greek  The middle part of the first millennium(around 500 B.C.E)­­­roman The time and places their major expansions Over the next 1000 years, Greeks spread across the Mediterranean sea to the black sea, southern Italy, Sicily, north Africa, southern France. When Alexander the Great (356­23 B.C.E), he brought Greek language and culture to the entire Eastern Mediterranean.­­­Greek the time of Christ (1 C.E.), they had a huge empire that controlled the entire Mediterranean region. What century dates are in Thesecond century C.E. – The year 150 C.E. Thefirstcentury C.E.– The year 50 C.E. Thefirstcentury B.C.E.– The year 50 B.C.E. Thesecond century B.C.E– The year 150 B.C.E The stages in the development ofthe English language 400­­­1100 C.E anglo saxon or old English  Old English end with the Norman conquest in 1066. Many French enter in English 1100 C.E­­­1500 C.E Middle English The introduction of the printing press to England by William caxton in 1476 C.E 1500 C.E­­­NOW Modern English The events and peoples that brought Latin into English. What precipitated each transition, and when did each transition occur? Christianity had existed in Britain from roman times and survived among Britain’s celtic inhabitants. The Anglo­Saxons, who were not Christans  originally, were converted around 600 C.E. Thelanguage of Christianity in Western Europe was Latin (with many Greek loanwords), so Latin and Greek words begin to enter English. Greek alphabet Important role once played by Greek and Latin in American education The  languages  and history of classical  antiquity were the  cornerstones  of education in colonial America. Prerequisites for admission to college in the 17 ­mid­ 19 centuries: read & write Latin & Greeks. Classical languages and literatures were valued since if offered training in clear thought and expression & ethical training, virtue The meaning and intention of the Latin expressions on the great seal (on the dollar bill) Intention: god has agreed to what we Americans have begun in creating these United States.Novus ordo seclorum: this new country will usher in a new age of peace and hope for mankind or at least Americans Morpheme {ad} {as} {ac} = to, toward {al} = connected with, pertaining to {cess} = come, go {con} {com} = together {contra} = against {creat} = make, build {dis} = away, apart {e} {ex}= out {feder} = union of states {in}{im} = in, into {intro} = into, inward {ion} = act of {medic} = connected with the science of medicine {ment} = act of, {or} person (or thing) who acts or does something {pel} {pulse} = push {pre} = before {pro} = forward {quire} = seek {re} = back, again {retro} = back {solve}{solute} = loosen {spic} {spect} =look at, see {sume} = use up, take {vene}{vent} = come English Latin sine die without a definite date without a day/date per diem daily allowance per day post meridiem afternoon after midday tabula rasa a clean slate an erased writingboard ad nauseam to the point ofmaking one ill up to seasickness / illness content word: in English are usually derived from greek to latin. Function word: are short words which serve as cement to hold the content words together An English sentence is put together on the model of  anglo­saxon  sentence. The structure depends partly on function words and partly on word order. Morpheme: minimum units of meaning Prefix: a morpheme that occurs at the front of a word Suffix: a morpheme that comes at the end of a wordobsole Bass: the morpheme to which a prefix is added Allomorphs: the variant forms of morphemes that have the same meaning. Empty morpheme: the morpheme has no clear meaning Full morpheme: a meaning can be assigned to morpheme Intensifying morpheme: strengthening the meaning of the bass Obsolete: no longer used Etymology: origin Analyze: break down Borrow: derived


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