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TXMI 4250 Week One Notes

by: Ashley Pacilio

TXMI 4250 Week One Notes 4250

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Retail > 4250 > TXMI 4250 Week One Notes
Ashley Pacilio
GPA 3.69

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About this Document

These are our notes from week one of class - CORRECT VERSION!!!
Survey of Apparel and Soft Goods Manufacturing
Gregory W. Vessels
Class Notes
Fashion, apparel, manufacturing, Textiles, quality, analysis
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Pacilio on Monday January 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 4250 at University of Georgia taught by Gregory W. Vessels in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Survey of Apparel and Soft Goods Manufacturing in Retail at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 01/18/16
Survey of Apparel Manufacturing Week One: Day One – January 11, 2016 • Apply for FSF YMA Scholarship • Subset of global sourcing class à manufacturing • Big box retailers – in control of every detail o Nominate raw materials • Early stages of offshore sourcing about 10% of business • Pricing pressures from customers necessitated expanding lower cost off shore manufacturing • Development of import department to consolidate centralize • Mid-term à developing costume models • China growth restrained by quota restrictions • Trade legislation becomes critical factor in sourcing decisions o NAFTA, the law, requirements • Production balance begins sourcing o Increase in make to order branded product o Product cycle times based on location • MRP – retirement planning • Static vs. dynamic planning • Changing priorities • Standard cost comparison • Coordinating raw materials and a process on failure • Global sourcing: breaking the domestic heart o Using costing analyze to plan where to source fabric and manufacturing o Located and developed new stories in Russia and Eastern Europe • Manufacture is law • The sourcing matrix (weighing the variables) o Fabric source and cost o Factory manufacturing capability o Factory labor and materials cost o Product cycle time o Social responsibility o Logistics o Customer service factors • Sourcing matrix drill led to decision for full package sourcing o Develop internal department • Global sourcing – determined venture utilizing domestic equipment preferable to acquisition • Executive: o Develop new sourcing strategies to meet customer demand o Good liaison o Opportunities and balance are in abundance o He is an industry professional o 2016 key to success: integrity, relationships, people skills, problem solving, knowledge o Maximize your contacts Week One: Day Two – January 13, 2016 • Introduction activity Week One: Day Three – January 15, 2016 • eLC tests – Respondus Lockdown browser • All powerpoints will be on eLC • Questions about assignments? Email Jeff Morgan on eLC • Sign in at the front of class for attendance • If you need to miss a class, talk to them beforehand • Tests will be in class on our own laptops – charge them!!! • Is change good or bad? o Challenge: change something in your daily routine and see how it affects you • Apply for YMA FSF Scholarship Award – great networking opportunity • Focus: survey all phases of the manufacturing process from design concept/product positioning through the development and manufacturing into final distribution o Garment analysis o Product design and development o Quality o Materials o Manufacturing o Production planning and control o Quality processes • 02/09/2016: IACDE panel discussion 1pm-2pm • 02/24/2016: SMA Fashion Show • 02/26/2016: FDSA Fashion Show • 03/TBD/2016: Field trip to Oxford Ind. - Toccoa, GA • 05/2-4/2016: Industry Trade Show – Atlanta, GA • 4 quizzes – no midterm/final o Multiple choice, matching, true/false o No short answer o Possible grading system: +2 for correct, -1 for incorrect § To keep us from guessing answers o Questions from Powerpoint, class comments, and assigned readings o Not cumulative, but a little overlap


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