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MC 101 - 1/19 and 1/21

by: Julia Landon

MC 101 - 1/19 and 1/21 MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications

Julia Landon
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Intro to Mass Communications
Christopher Roberts

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About this Document

Notes from the first week of class.
Intro to Mass Communications
Christopher Roberts
Class Notes
MC 101, mc101, Mass Comm, mass communication, mass communications, UA, bama, university of alabama




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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Landon on Tuesday January 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Christopher Roberts in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Intro to Mass Communications in Communication at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/19/16
Landon Spring 2016 1 1 19 2016 First extra credit opportunity is on Thursday January 2 1 at 630 pm in Phifer 216 Welcome to quotMaxz Computationquot 0 Start by defining communication 0 The process of creating shared meaningquot A cultural definition I It is a process Communication does not just happen It takes effort and work because it s about creating and creating a shared meaning I About shared meaning or reality Your reality is based on what you say hear and see Shared meaning is that people understand what you re trying to communicate and vice versa 0 Communication unites us but also divides us I Uniting us by something like seeing Alabama gear around the nation and saying roll tidequot I Divides us by something like seeing someone wearing Auburn gear or someone wearing Greek letters 0 Communication types I Intrapersonal Every piece of communication begins internally I Interpersonal Between two people I Group Between a group We can t all talk at one time so we have to take turns and there has to be someone who leads but this leader can change I Mass Different from all of the above Using a communication channel to send to large audiences 0 Mass Comm s tasks I Inform I Entertain I Persuade o What makes MC different I You need a quotchannelquot or device or media to communicate Media quotmediatedquot o to go betweenquot A channel device or media is an extension of a human I Oneway communication Because feedback is incredibly limited extremely different 0 Channel types I Paper books newspapers magazines pamphlets etc Landon Spring 2016 2 I Electronic radio television internet etc I Chemical film like going to get a picture developed and stuff The communication types are like a pyramid where the further up you get on the pyramid you get fewer senders but a bigger audience Medium DOES NOT EQUAL media I Media is not singular Media always ARE Not media always is Truths quottheyquot don t want you to know about mass media p 18 I There are no mainstream media I Everything from the margin moves to the center I Nothing s new Everything that happened in the past will happen again Mass media help provide society s quotdominantquot culture I What s dominant right now ISIS refugees presidential elections celebrity deaths etc I North Dakota State University has a better track record than Alabama when it comes to national championships but we focus more on Alabama Models of mass communications I Transmission focus on Orientation of sender Transfer of meaning Orientation of receiver Cognitive processing Outdated in some ways because of the rise of the internet but still important Created by Claude Shannon invented megabytes terabytes etc and Waren 0 Shannon had a transmission model I A source sends a message over a channel to a receiver Landon Spring 2016 Fidelity is adding things such as in ection or emoticons to make the message clearer 0 Sometimes there is noise Anything that gets in the way of that shared meaning is noise Environmental you actually can t hear see it a smudge on the paper the internet going out etc Psychological someone s too angry sad etc someone gets too upset or offended to listen properly Physical someone s drunk or they have another impairment visual or hearing for example Semantic sender s message has words the receiver cannot understand the big words get in the way of understanding Cultural we say roll tidequot They don t get it understand it or whatever A source sends a message over a channel to a receiver But watch out for noise Look for feedback 0 Only problem is feedback doesn t get received the same way that they do in smaller settings as they do in mass communications I Ritual Orientation of sender Performance Orientation of receiver Shared experience I Publicity Orientation of sender Competitive display Orientation of receiver Attentiongiving spectatorship I Reception Orientation of sender Preferential encoding Orientation of receiver Differential decoding construction of meaning 0 Impact It s hard to know I For example 16 and Pregnant wasn t made to make people not want to have babies but it has decreased teenage births Landon Spring 2016 4 1 21 2016 Social media updates I guess 0 Facebook wants to give you more and keep you at its site more 0 You can do Yik Yak on your computer now Chapter 3 o No class questions 0 The key to understanding US mass media is to FOLLOW THE MONEY I Worldwide spending on media was 168 trillion in 2015 Which is equal the GPD of Canada I US and Canada are 4 of the world s population but 30 of the world s media spending North America spent 500 billion in 2015 o In 2016 it s estimated that there will be a 100 million increase because of the Olympics election year because we have a few swing states and whatnot and economic growth worldwide 0 The American in uence or cultural imperialismquot I The Simpsonsquot in the Middle East Now it s Al Shamshoon with Omar 1 Simpson It lasted just 34 episodes in 2005 0 Short head long tail a Short head long tail The New Media Marketplace I Short head few products that seem lots and lots Example Walmart 4500 CDs in stockyear 200 account for 90 of sales I Long tail lots and lots of products that sell a few Example Singer songwriters such a Paul Thorne and Ben Rector and Steve Moakler o Are media a monopoly I No they are not Landon Spring 2016 5 I They are and OLIGOPOLY A few companies control a large percentage of a market These companies are vertically and horizontally spread Disney is an example of this 0 They own ABC Lifetime Pixar part of ESPN part of Hulu Marvel Muppets LucasFilms theme parks etc I LucasFilms purchase is synergy using one media to quotsellquot another media where the Disney characters can use Star Wars to sell things like Mickey dressing up as Luke and Minnie dressing up as Leia Problems 0 News may become secondary to business 0 Content becomes secondary to sales I NBC s Go Onquot got cancelled over AllStar Celebrity Apprenticequot even though it was ranked higher than ASCA because the cost to produce ASCA was significantly cheaper than Go On TV s jump to reality 0 quotAn expensive reality show costs had of what a cheap scripted show costsquot 0 People get paid less than a scripted show actor does because reality show winners only get money if they win or something like that Extra credit opportunity is on Thursday Ianuary 21 at 630 pm in Phifer 216 Got Ethicsquot Reminder about the story you have to write about a communication story including what happened what noise was present and how you can improve Turn in on BIackBoard on 12616 at 12pm MUST be in a doc docx or pdf Don t upload a pages file if you re a Mac user without Microsoft Office Media literacy o More than just being able to read Media criticism 0 More than just movie reviews The Brow Continuum 0 High level ideas are high brow I Such as Harpers Bazaar and Atlanta 0 Middle brow is about stuff I Such as Vogue and Elle Landon Spring 2016 6 0 Low brow is about people I Such as Us Weekly and People 0 Skyscraper model of culture I Where Hamlet and Emily Dickinson are the top 30 Rock and Ellen are in the middle and TMZ and pro wrestling are at the bottom Media changing over time 0 Difference between Idol and X Factor I One had Coke as a sponsor and the other had Pepsi as a sponsor 0 Also look at like archiveorg o Apparently new cars don t have CD drives anymore Like wtf 0 We have everything quick fast and in a hurry Write right now 0 Name a song movie TV show book or other media product produces in your lifetime you think will stand the test of time Two ideas from McLuhan o The medium is the message I The channel you use affects the message I A reminder Different channels work better for different message types I To read about it is disconnected Seeing a still image is a bit more personal but when you get a video everything becomes more real and we understand how bad or good or powerful something is 0 Global village I The world becomes smaller because we see each other on TV and through mass media I Example the Selma bridge walk that became Bloody Sunday and the world heard about it Where officers kept hitting people even though they had covered their heads Civil rights came to the forefront because it was on every media Durkheim s Social Solidarity 0 Media is a social religion I Football stadiums are something religious because we all like it and participate and get together on a certain day at a certain time to participate I Other things like this are season or series finales the Super Bowl etc


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