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Week 1 Notes

by: Linda Tan

Week 1 Notes Bio5B

Linda Tan
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About this Document

These notes do not include the lecture introducing the course syllabus or professor.
Dr. Roberts
Class Notes




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Linda Tan on Tuesday January 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio5B at University of California Riverside taught by Dr. Roberts in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 139 views. For similar materials see Biology in Biology at University of California Riverside.


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Date Created: 01/19/16
Winter 2016 Geo 2 Lecture Notes: Week 1 Topics Covered:   Intro: Global Climate Change  Overview of Geologic Time  Feedback Relationships The Age of the Earth  Relative Dating using the geologic time scale. Fossils appear and disappear in the rock  record and can be traced laterally  Index Fossils are short lived and widely distributed making the estimate of the age of the  rock more accurate.  Absolute dating using radioactive isotopes, fossil succession or range zone This graph shows the amount of different genera of organisms found in fossils over time. The  drops in the graphs represent mass extinctions. More than half of invertebrate families and ~90% or more of existing species perished in the oceans as a result of the end­Permian extinction. Rules of Geology Winter 2016 1. The Law of original horizontality: Sediment and lava flows deposit horizontally therefore anything that is non­horizontal is displaced. 2. The Law of Superposition: The oldest horizons are at the bottom and newer horizons are  on top in undisturbed profiles. Unconformity: buried erosional or non­deposition surface separating two rock masses of  different ages, indicating sediment deposit was not continuous. Represents gaps in geologic record 1. Disconformity 2. Angular conformity 3. Nonconformity Uniformitarianism: assumption that the same natural laws and processes that operate on Earth  now have always happened and are applicable everywhere making the present the key to the  past. Landfill Example:   Evolving containers  Index “fossils”  Relative vs. Absolute Ages Feedback Relationships Feedback: A response to a change in a system.   Can enhance or buffer changes that occur in a system  Positive feedbacks enhance or amplify changes; tends to move away from  a stable equilibrium making it more unstable, destabilizing influence Ex: Broken thermostat turning A/C on in a cold room or heater on  in an already hot room making the room more hot or cold  Negative feedbacks dampen or buffer changes; tends to hold a system at  equilibrium making it more stable, stabilizing influence Ex: Thermostat adjust use of A/C or heating to keep a room at a  constant temperature Equilibrium: State where a system will remain unless something disturbs it.


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