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Spanish 1002 Unit 1 Notes-- Comida, Preterito, Indirect/Direct Object Pronouns

by: Logan Barnes

Spanish 1002 Unit 1 Notes-- Comida, Preterito, Indirect/Direct Object Pronouns Span 1002

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Spanish > Span 1002 > Spanish 1002 Unit 1 Notes Comida Preterito Indirect Direct Object Pronouns
Logan Barnes
GPA 4.19
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About this Document

These notes cover material on the first midterm Comida Vocabulary Preterite conjugation Indirect Object Pronouns Direct Object Pronouns
Elementary Spanish II
Professor Carolyn Underwood
Class Notes
spanish, Spanish 1002, Preterite, Preterito, Comida, georgia state university




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Logan Barnes on Tuesday January 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Span 1002 at Georgia State University taught by Professor Carolyn Underwood in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish II in Spanish at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 01/19/16
Vocabulario--Comida  Comida—can be food or meal  Desayuno—Breakfast  Almuerzo—Lunch  Cena—Dinner  Los cereals—cereal  La Salchica—sausage  La fruta—fruit  El huevo—eggs  Los huevos fritos—fried eggs  El pan tostado—toast  Bebida—drink  El té helado—iced tea  El Café—coffee  La Leche—milk  El Tè—tea  El Jugo—juice  La Agua-water  El Refresco—soda  Jugo de Naranja—orange juice, Jugo de manzana—apple  La Piña—pinapple  La Lima—lime  La platano-- banana  Las Arvejas—peas  El Apio—celery  La Lechuga-- lettuce  La Zanahoria—carrot  El arroz—rice  La papa—Potato  Las papas fritas—French fries  Las papitas—Potato chips  El arroz con pollo—chicken and rice  Arroz blanco—white rice  La carne-- Meat  La chuleta (de cerdo)—pork chop  La Barbacoa—pork  El jamón-- Ham  El Pollo asdao—grilled chicken  El Pavo—turkey  La Langosta—lobster  Los Camarones—shellfish  El Atûn—tuna  La Aceite—oil  El Pimiento—pepper  La Cereveza—beer  El Vino tinto—wine/ El vino blanco—white wine  Agrio—sour  Salado—salty  Dulce—sweet  Picante—spicy  Tenedor—fork  Servilleta—napkin  POSTRES—(Sweets)  El Pastel—cake  El chocolate—chocolate  El flan—Flan  La galleta-- cookie  Los dulces—candy  El helado—ice cream Grammar—Preterite Conjugation Preterite is used for verbs in the past- tense Reminder: Vostros is pretty much ignored in this course AR VERBS Example: Bailar Yo Nosotros É Amos Bailé Bailamos Tú Vosotros Aste Ais Bailast Bailais e Él/Ella/U Ellos/Ellas/Ud d. s Ó Aron Bailó Bailaron IR/ER VERBS Example: Escribir/Comer Yo Nosotros Í Imos Escribí Escribimos Comí Comimos Tú Vosotros Iste Eis Escribi Escribeis ste Comeisteis Comist e Él/Ella/U Ellos/Ellas/Ud d. s Ió Ieron Escribi Escribieron ó Comieron Comió  Stem Changing Verbs—ONLY El/Ella/Ud and Ellos/Ellas/Uds stem changes  What the stem changes to depends on the verb, there are several stem changing verbs o Ex: Seguir, Pedir, Servir, Preferir, Dormir, Vestir, Conseguir, etc… Grammar—Indirect Objects and direct objects  In language, its inconvienient and unnatural to continue to refer to items, people by name o In speech you use indirect object pronouns and direct object pronouns  Direct object pronouns refer to the direct object of the sentence—the thing in which the action is being performed o Ex: I’m going to kick the ball. “Ball” is the direct object. What am I going to kick? The Ball o DO= a thing  Indirect object pronouns refer to the indirect object of the sentence— the person that is doing the object o Ex: “I gave a book to my mom”. “mom” is the indirect object. I gave the book to who? My mom. “Book” is the direct object. I gave what to my mom? My book  This works the same in Spanish… Direct Object Pronouns: IO PRONOUNS DO PRONOUNS Yo Nosotros Yo Nosotros Me Nos Me Nos Tú Vosotros Tú Vosotros Te Vos Te Vos Él/Ella/UEllos/Ellas/ Él/Ella/U Ellos/ Uds d. Uds Le/ Les Lo/La Los/Las How to use these in a sentence:  Replace the DO/IO in a sentence with the proper pronouns, accounting for gender and number In a sentence in which you use IO/DO the order is always Subject (person), Indirect object, Direct Object, Conjugated Verb Examples:  Marcos nos trajo la comida a nosotros o Shorter version: Martin nos la trajo  Mi madre está comprándome una pizza o Shorter version: Mi padre me la está comprar. OR o Mi padre está comprándomela o You can put the IO/DO at the end of a conjugated verb only if it’s a two-part verb  IF The IO and DO both start with “L”, then change the IO to “Se”  Example: o Le digo el cuento a Marta  Shorter version: Le lo digo… BUT  CANT HAVE IO AND DO BOTH START WITH L SO…  Change IO to se o CORRECT VERSION:  “Se lo digo.”


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