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SOC 3568 Week 1

by: Danielle Notetaker

SOC 3568 Week 1 SOC 3568

Danielle Notetaker
The U
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

Notes for Week 1 - Sociology of Law
Sociology of Law
Larry Bench
Class Notes
SOC 3568; Sociology of Law




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Notetaker on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 3568 at University of Utah taught by Larry Bench in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Law in Sociology at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
Sociology of Law – Week 1 January 13, 2016  A proposal for Legislation: How to Reduce Recidivism Rates Among Utah Female Offenders o Risk, reproductions, reintegration & reduction o $18 million per year spent to house Utah female inmates when at capacity o $158 million spent on unintended pregnancies during 2010  $13.6 billion saved nationally due to public family planning services  $7.09 was saved for every $1 spent to fund these programs o Rates are increasing for  Women’s Recidivism  Unintended pregnancy o The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that incarceration is a good time to educate women on intended and healthy pregnancies prior to release  Reducing unintended pregnancies will aid women after their release to avoid recidivism  Help women who have been incarcerated begin to build more stable lives and plan for healthier families  Reduce the risk of secondary effects and future costs to the government o Why the need for written policy?  Without written policy women become subject to the chosen practice and politics of the prison in which they are incarcerated  Most prisons in the country have no policy regarding prerelease class to address any type of reproductive health classes for women without any knowledge information or references as to where they might seek information or assistance with these issues.  There are mandatory classes that they need to take in order to get out, but they are for things other than these issues. o Most women who are repeat offenders they often have children going in and out of jail as well.  In Utah women loose full custody of the child after about 9 months. If they are not given to a family member they are put into foster care.  Can petition the court for custody when she gets out but it is very difficult to get custody back o Proposal for Legislation: Pass a bill to establish a standard and consistent course offered to female offenders in Utah on a voluntary basis that addresses the female health and reproduction will:  Decrease tax dollars spent on unintended pregnancy, incarceration, and care afterwards  Reduce recidivism by providing tools for physical and mental well-being  Ensure equal opportunity access to reproductive health information  Reintegrate female offenders back into a community by promoting educated healthy choices, personal control, responsibility, and community resources  Mandatory because it could be difficult to pass that way; the goal is to get this through then develop a course specific to men so that it can also be implemented that way also o $27,117 spent per year/inmate  2013 facilities exceeded capacity  689 inmates incarcerated  95.6% of beds are full, on average o Increasing incarceration rates force Correctional Departments, on the State & Federal level, to dip into surplus funds o 60% of women paroled will be rearrested for new offenses  Nearly 1/3 will be sentenced on new charges and return to incarceration o Pre-intervention strategies are opportune moments for education and assistance to aid a successful reintegration into society o Unintended Pregnancies are Costly  50% of pregnancies in the US are unintended  68% are publicly funded  95% are due to lack of contraceptive use or inconsistent use o Children with Incarcerated Parents  Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) requires the state to petition the court for parental termination rights once a child has been in foster care 15 out of 22 months.  The court does not take incarceration into account  26 months is the median sentence  Creates further cost to the state and federal government  Children whose parents have been incarcerated are FIVE TIMES MORE LIKELY to become involved with the criminal justice system during their lives o Rhode Island has experimented with this approach  Prerelease phase showed a much higher success rate in initiating a contraceptive plan and follow through after incarceration. o Healthy Female Education Proposal  Voluntary class for inmates on female health and reproduction  Led by a knowledgeable educator with the aim to: o Reduce recidivism by preventing unplanned pregnancies and inform inmates about family planning skills and community resources o Reworking negative views and offer education regarding female physiology and health o Providing tools for physical and mental health o What groups or organizations would be willing in supporting this project in any way?  Avoid any place that might be potentially un-advantageous o Theory is that a woman who has been incarcerated and has an unintended pregnancy is often times re-incarcerated because of the stressors that are created. It is difficult to work, or go to school, or fully support the other children that they may have.


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