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TRS 261- Week 7

by: Anna Borges

TRS 261- Week 7 TRS 261

Anna Borges

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About this Document

These notes discuss the readings for that week and the authors of the works.
Enduring Questions in Catholic Theology
Reverend Audrey Wiggins
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Borges on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to TRS 261 at Catholic University of America taught by Reverend Audrey Wiggins in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Enduring Questions in Catholic Theology in Religious Studies at Catholic University of America.

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Date Created: 01/20/16
 Mary Potter Engel  Writer from Seattle, Washington  Topics included domestic violence, spirituality, historical theology and feminist theology  Edited Lift Every Voice  Wants to give voice to those who are vulnerable  Bring people closer to God by encouraging them to gain perspective on the lives of the weak and oppressed  Criteria for redefining sin (purposing her theology)  Must be grounded in and responsive to practical experiences of oppression.  Draw from alternate sources.  Self- consciously interdisciplinary  Psychological and sociological approaches as well  Attention to interlocking sets of oppression.  Must contribute to empowerment of women.  Theoretical and practical recommendations recommendations remain provisional  Oriented toward practical, concrete changes  Type of oppression(rape, domestic abuse) cuts across race, sex, class  Understanding and definition of sin and evil is cause of oppression  In order to eradicate domestic abuse we must broaden understanding  Sin  Distortion of Feeling  Anger  What did I do? (hardening of heart)  Submission/ obedience  Honor thy mother and father  Wives are to obey their husband  Self-blaming because you are authority position so you can’t do wrong  Betrayal of Sin  Lack of trust in another, not God  Raymond E. Brown  Received BA and MA from CUA  PhD from John Hopkins  appointed to the Pontifical Biblical Council- 1972 &1996  widely regarded as one of America’s preeminent biblical scholars  Awarded 24 honors  Views  Uses historical-critical method to analyze Bible  The New Testament  Covenant  Agreement between God and people  Biblical Witness  Noah (Genesis 9:8-15)  Covenant: God would never wipe out humanity again by flood or water  Sign: rainbow  Abrahamic (Genesis 12-17, Genesis 12:1-3_  Abram Abraham  Covenant: Leave family, land, and source of protection and I will make your descendants numerous  Blessing to others  Only requirement was obedience, but because of disobedience, God decided that all males must be circumsed.  Moses (Exodus 19-20, Exodus 24:3-8)  Covenant: 10 commandments  Basis for 625 Israelite laws  Davidic (2 Samuel 7,11, 13 ; 2 Samuel 7:8-16)  David would build the Temple  Temple= Jesus in NT  Progressed over time  Covenant was to re-establish relationship with god  Humanity was not capable of remaining in covenant  Always an opportunity to salvation  Sin leads to destruction  Noah wiped humanity by flood  Abraham  sacrifice son  Moses killed first born/ plagues  David  killed son  Jesus  Death was required  New Testament  Re-establish and renew God’s covenant with God’s people  Completion of old testament  Vocab:  Euaggelion- Good News  Marantha- Come Lord Jesus  Eschatology- theology of the end times, return of Christ  Septuagint- translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek  Literary Genres  Letters  Pauline letters-circa 50 years after Resurrection and Ascension  Written by Paul  Answer/address concerns from churches he established  Produced earliest surviving Christian documents  1 Thessalonians  Galatians  Philemon  1 & 2 Corinthians  Romans  Epistles  deutroPauline letters- circa 70-100  2 Thessalonians, Colossians, Ephesians  1 & 2 Timothy, Titus (pastoral)  Post 70’s period- letters in the name of the great apostles  Peter  James  Jude  Acts  First sign of today’s church  Story of Pentecost( 40 days after resurrection)  Holy Spirit came to Apostles so that they could preach and all would understand regardless of different tongues  Revelation  Gospels  Mark (60-70 CE)  Jesus’ deeds and words absent from letters  Luke & Matthew (10-20 years after)  Traditions of Jesus  John (90-100 CE)  History and divinity of Jesus  2 source Theory  Mark and Q  Synoptic Gospels  Matthew, Mark, Luke  Overlap; very similar  Humanity and ministry of Christ


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