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HY 121, Week 2 Notes

by: Jada Beckham

HY 121, Week 2 Notes HY 120

Jada Beckham

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About this Document

These notes covers the English settlers and more
The United States To 1877
Pamela S. King
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jada Beckham on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 120 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Pamela S. King in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see The United States To 1877 in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
HY 121/ Week 2 Jan 19/ Tuesday Continue of last week: Why were the Europeans going to the New World?  Spread Christianity (aggressive)  Capitalism, wealth (make profit)  National power  Take freedom from others French comes to the New World  The French and Spanish practices Catholicism o Both Catholics  Henry the 8 takes England out of Catholicism and makes his own religion o Sets up a new church called the church of England th o The pope isn’t the head of the church, Henry the 8 is the head of the church and state o The church of England are the Anglicans (Protestants)  Spain and France are now in the New world and they spread Catholic power (wealth) and capitalism Now comes England and wants to compete against Spain and France  The entire global dynamics shifts  England comes in North America  Spreads Protestantism  Begins their settlements o Sets up forts to defend themselves against the Spanish and French  The 1 attempt happened at Roanoke Island  Late 1600’s the attempts became as a fail o The English is going to make a big adjustment  Started the Protestant work ethic (individual wealth) o If you work hard, you’ll prosper o Unlike Catholics that believed that profit was sinful, the Protestants says God wants you to have wealth and prosper  The English has a different attitude toward profit and wealth  Late 1600s the English early settlements were unsuccessful  The new English king, King James, decides to set up a capitalist instrument called Joint Stock Company  English settlers switch from gold to agriculture (tobacco)  English settlers needs land to make tobacco and takes it from the Native Americans o Agriculture needs controlled labor and land in order to make profit  Algonkians (group of Indians)- are similar to the English o They were settlers like the English o Lived out the ocean and agriculture like the English o have well developed political high leaders, religious leaders like the English  Differences o Did not practice Christianity (nature was Native Americans God) o Did not believe in individual wealth  Europeans point of view was that matriarchy was absolute nonsense o Believed matriarchy equals weak and patriarch equals strength  The English most famous monarchs was Queen Elizabeth o English and Europeans believed in racial superiority o White equals superior, black equals inferior  Native Americans creates an confederation o Powhatan confederation  Since the English doesn’t know much about the land as Native Americans do, they create an alliance together Chesapeake Colony (Virginia, Maryland)  They import slaves  Sets a capitalist system called the Headright system o Says to whites in England that if you will make this journey to the New world we are going to give you some goodies: o 50 acres of land  The English sets up the House of Burgesses-manage local matters o Ran by English colonists Maryland  Settled by a man name M. Calvert  Sets up Maryland for a haven for persecuted Catholics  The earliest controlled laborers were white indentured servants o Mainly white and poor  The difference between a slave and an indentured servants is that servants are on a contract (a deal) of freedom and slaves don’t, they have no freedom of choice  English legally designate Africans as slaves (property)


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