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HTH 100- Chapter 10- study guide

by: Faith Stackpole

HTH 100- Chapter 10- study guide

Marketplace > James Madison University > HTH 100 Chapter 10 study guide
Faith Stackpole

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About this Document

This material will cover chapter 10 in Health 100.
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Faith Stackpole on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to a course at James Madison University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
Chapter 10 Worksheet - Alcohol  Why are women generally more readily affected by alcohol than men? -Because women tend to have more body fat and less water in their tissues than men of the same weight, they become more intoxicated after drinking the same amount.  What are the risks of combining alcohol and energy drinks? -you may not notice the signs of intoxication -can take more risks -more likely to consume more  A BAC of .35 can bring about acute alcohol intoxication/alcohol poisoning. Name at least 4 types of assistance or first aid measures you should provide for an individual who might be a victim of this life-threatening condition? -Watch drunk person closely -roll drinker on side with knees bent -if they vomit reach into their mouth to clear airway -call 911  Be able to describe/recognize several possible short term effects or social problems related to excessive alcohol consumption. -CNS depressions, decreases respiratory rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, COMA, death. -hangover, injuries, decision making, weight gain, rape, alc poisoning  Be able to list or describe/recognize several long term health risks of excessive alcohol consumption over time. -nervous system, cardiovascular, liver disease, cancer  What measures have college campuses used to address the problem of widespread binge drinking? -banning alcohol on campus, banning alcohol advertising in campus newspapers -interventions  What positive health benefits can alcohol provide for light-to-moderate drinkers?  What factors or symptoms typically characterize alcohol dependence/alcoholism? -family history of alcoholism -chaotic home life -poor academic performance  Be able to discuss some of the biological, social, emotional and cultural factors that can pose a risk for alcohol abuse/dependence. -genetics, friends doing it, family -women tend to become alcoholics later  Be able to identify several methods of treatment for alcoholism. Brief interventions- primary care physicians Inpatient treatment- detoxification and withdraw Outpatient treatment- counseling Self help programs- AA  How does the medication Antabuse work to discourage drinking? - You become ill when you drink, so it trains you to stop drinking in order to stop feeling ill  Be able to recognize several public policies that are intended to control alcohol abuse on a community level. -Prohibition -advocacy groups -sobriety check points -liquor taxes


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