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HTH 100- Chapter 8 Study Guide

by: Faith Stackpole

HTH 100- Chapter 8 Study Guide

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Faith Stackpole

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About this Document

This material will cover chapter 8 in Health 100.
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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Faith Stackpole on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to a course at James Madison University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
Chapter 8 Worksheet Weight Management Body Image amp Eating Disorders WEIGHT MANAGEMENT List several physical and psychological health risks linked to obesity Diabetes Chronic killer diseases CVD Suicide Depression Social isolation Thanks to the rise in childhood obesity levels which speci c health condition once usually found mainly in adults is now being diagnosed much more commonly in children What other physical or psychological health risks may affect overweightobese children Obesity stigma effects children s selfesteem lack of social acceptance bullied by classmates and development of feelings of mistrust and fear of other 0 In what ways is obesity an economic burden to the US lncreasing insurance out of pocket taxes 0 At what BMI levels would an individual be considered overweight Obese Morbidy obese Super obese Underweight Overweight 25299 Obese 30399 Morbidly obese40499 Super obese 50 or higher a List several health risks of being underweight hair loss visual disturbances Skin problems Tendency to fracture bones easily Heart irregularity Digestive system disturbances What 3 methods are often used to determine healthy body weight and body fat Body Mass Index Body fat percentage Body fat distribution 0 Be familiar with these factors that can in uence an individual s weight 0 Genetic and physiological Fat parents tend to have fat children 0 Hormonal in uences Hormones have an impact on a person s ability to lose weight control appetite and sense of fullness Ghrelin quotHunger hormonequot Leptin An appetite regulator produced by fat cells in mammals 0 Environmental Constant advertising super sized portions widespread availability of sugar foods and misleading food labels 0 Psychosocial and socioeconomic Comfort foods used to help you feel good when life is not well economic times are tougheat less expensive foods Ex McDonalds Less time to cook nutritious meals 0 Lifestyle behaviors not exercising being lazy What methods are used to measure body fat percentage and which of those methods has traditionally been considered the quotgold standardquot or most accurate Under water Hydrostatic weighing Skinfolds BodyPod Bioelectrical impedance analysis BIA ovalenergy xray absorptiometry 0 Why do most fad diets fail AND what type of weight management strategies have been proven more successful in the long run hard to adapt and keep weight off after not balanced diet Make a plan change your habits incorporate exercise 0 What is the speci c goal of the DASH diet quotDietary approaches to stop hypertensionquot Pan developed to ght high blood pressure 0 The Mediterranean diet is considered to be a very healthy and balanced program What types of foods are emphasized in this plan Fruits veggies sh whole grains beans nuts legumes olive oil herbs and spices 0 List 4 types of medical options for weight loss Adjustable gastric banding sleeve gastrectomy gastric bypass biliopancreatic diversion BODY IMAGE and EATING DISORDERS What factors in uence body image for both males and females Media amp pop culture Famiy community and Cultural group Physioogica factors What are the differences between the ideal body image for men vs women according to media and cultural in uence Men quotHearty outdoorsmanquot quotBurly cops and robbers in moviesquot quotTough guysquot Women Unrealistically tiny waist quot apper lookquot rail thin supermodels During what period of life are eating disorders most likely to develop and Why Teens205 lncreasing number of children as young as 7 What risk factors and patterns of thought are associated with the development of eating disorders Low selfesteem Depression Perfectionism FamiyPersona relationships Lack of coping skills History of abuse genes that effect hunger economic status What negative effects can anorexia nervosa have on the body Thin hair becomes dry and brittle Blood levels of iron and electrolytes fall Bone oses density Fatigue poor seep muscle tissue is lost Dizziness fainting What negative effects can bulimia nervosa have on the body Tooth enamel erodes Blood levels of electrolytes fall Kidney malfunction and dehydration Altered brain chemistry causing depression Anxiety Dizziness What methods are often used by anorexics and buimics to rid their bodies of calories Purging Taking laxatives exercise excessively


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