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Sociology 201, notes for first week.

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by: Dovah

Sociology 201, notes for first week. SOCL 201

Marketplace > Winthrop University > Sociology > SOCL 201 > Sociology 201 notes for first week


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About this Document

These notes are of the power point and the materials covered in class for the first week of the semester. I made a note at the bottom explaining that the rest of the notes were covered in class th...
Principles of Sociology
Dr. Tripp
Class Notes
sociology, Tripp
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1 review
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"Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!"

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dovah on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCL 201 at Winthrop University taught by Dr. Tripp in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Principles of Sociology in Sociology at Winthrop University.


Reviews for Sociology 201, notes for first week.

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Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!



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Date Created: 01/21/16
­­[Intro to Sociology]­­     +The sociological perspective        +Sociological Imagination        +Focuses on the social context in which people          live        +how are people influenced by their society?        +Society: a group of people who share a culture and territory          +Social Location           +"The corners in life that people occupy             because of where they are located in society"           +Examples:              +age              +gender              +race              +occupation              +income              +education          +C.Wright Mills        +"The sociological imagination enables us to grasp          the connection between history and biography"        +History: Each society is located in a broad          stream of events        +Biography: Each individual's specific          experiences, or external influences, become part          of our thinking and motivation    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  TIMESTAMPSTR:  [Fri Jan 15 10:00:29 2016]  #####Last Save: [Fri Jan 15 10:00:31 2016]#####  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          +Origins of Sociology     +People have always asked questions about social life     +Ancient peoples answered them with myths and       superstition     +Sociology is the application of science to these       same questions     +Seriously emerged in the middle of the 1800's       +Grew out of social upheaval     +Major social changes occurred in during the end of       the 1700's and the beginning of the 1800's        +american revolution        +french revolution     +Ideals that individuals hold inalienable rights     +Fall of "Traditional" Governments       +Industrial Revolution        +mass movement into the cities        +changes in work and family        +loss of many traditional roles and interaction          rituals       +Founders        +Auguste Comte (1798­1857)           +What creates social order, instead of anarchy             and chaos           +First to propose the application of scientific             method to the social world           +Positivism              +idea that human behavior is subject to                causal laws like physics           +called the new science "sociology"           +greek: logos, study of           +latin: socius, companion or being with others             +Sociologist should discover knowledge about             society, and should apply it to social reform           +his form of science...              +closer to being an Armchair Philosopher         +(Armchair as in observing society.)           +drawing his conclusions from informal             observations           +his conclusions have been abandoned               +because he coined the term "sociology" he is             often credited with being the founder of             science            +Herbert Spencer           +1820­1903           +Disagreed with Comte about the role of             sociologists as reformers           +No one should intervene with the evolution of             society           +Societies evolve from lower (barbarian) to             higher (civilized)             +The most capable members of society survive,             while the less capable die out           +Coined the phrase: Survival of the fittest           +Because of similarities to his contemporary             researcher, his theories are referred to as:              +Social Darwinism           +His ideas were social philosophy           +Ideas have since been discredited          +Karl Marx           +1818­1883           +Exiled from germany for proposing revolution           +most significant contribution:           +Materialist version of history              +land              +wealth              +resources  ###Unfinished Section. Week ends here.###     


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