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GEOG 1001- Week #1,2 Notes

by: Sufian Notetaker

GEOG 1001- Week #1,2 Notes 1101.0

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Geography > 1101.0 > GEOG 1001 Week 1 2 Notes
Sufian Notetaker
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

Notes from week 1 and 2
Human Geography
Amy Ross
Class Notes




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sufian Notetaker on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1101.0 at University of Georgia taught by Amy Ross in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 227 views. For similar materials see Human Geography in Geography at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 01/21/16
Sufian Hadi Human Geography 1001 Day 1: Notes Space power thinking. What it means to think critically about space, what it means to think about power, and what does that say about thinking? Space- How everything around us was all made up and organized, think about Sanford stadium, why do u think the field is in the middle of the campus? It is a convenient location; our campus revolves around football. Is the field in the middle because it is the most important think, or was it made in the middle to make it the most important thing. Power- If we can understand why people put it in the middle we can understand power. Thinking- How are power relations showing how we think critically about the world 3 main problems: - Violence and Conflict o Genocide, War Crimes - Climate change and associated planet issues o How this happened? What are responses? Why will there be winners and losers in climate change? - Poverty and Inequality o Gap between rich and poor 3 different relationships: - Physical environment v. Human Society o People and the lands we live in. People influence the land, and the land influences the life of the people - The local v. global - Wealth v. Poverty o Uneven equality Day 3: January 19, 2015 Notes Modern World System: - Last 500 years have been key in the creation of the world we know today o Especially the unequal diversity throughout the world Origins of Colonialism: - Environmental determinism- the land itself impacts its imprint into human form. Social and culture differences can be traced to human. It tended to support the European viewpoint, that they were from a better place than everyone else. Tropical climate to them produced people that were lazy unlike them who were from the cold and had strong bodies. This lead to them taking over other groups because they were superior than others. - For many people in colonial time period, it was said that geography was big reason why people were certainly poor - Another idea Malthusian Theory, the idea was that 1) the passion between the sexes was constant so people will reproduce and 2) resources and food are going to be finite, the population is going to increase but there will be less resources o The reason this is problem is not because there are too many people but because there will not be equal distribution of food. - Another issue, confront out own munificent idea of ethnocentrism- one’s own culture is superior to another. Something we must leave behind in this century.’ - Geography was about writing about the world o 1700’s geography became a science  it was time when Europeans were concerned about understanding new places, time of exploration, they wanted to classify other groups of people to bring other cultures into civilization o Geo- earth o Graphy- to write about something - Reason we start 500 years ago is because that is when the idea of capitalism started. This is what started a world market division of labor. We know people have been travelling places since the Silk Road, but since the 500 years its been mainly based on capitalism. - Conquest and colonization marked the New World. - Early 1500’s these connections between groups were different because they established global linkages- the thing that makes Columbus voyage different than all the other old travels was because caused the wide spread of disease like small pox. The people in old world like Europe and Asia had immunity because they had been used to it for years and years.


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