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Missionaries and Opium

by: Ariel Smith

Missionaries and Opium EAS 270

Marketplace > History > EAS 270 > Missionaries and Opium
Ariel Smith

GPA 2.17

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About this Document

Justus Doolittle, Social Life of the Chinese (New York: Harper, 1865).
Modern East Asia
Fabio Lanza
Class Notes
Modern East Asia
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariel Smith on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EAS 270 at a university taught by Fabio Lanza in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 01/21/16
Missionaries and Opium 1. Missionaries a. Transmission of ideas between China and the West in the 19 th century b. Brought Chinese opium back to China leading the most important anti-opium efforts. 2. Opium a. Creates new discourses about opium in the West b. People used the drug to cure toothaches, headaches or dyspepsia i. Pain is relieved for a little while ii. It could become a habit iii. Since it wears off higher and higher doses will be used c. Using with friends i. Discussion for business maters ii. Ordinary conversation d. Shops i. Platforms 1. Buyers of the drug may occupy it while consuming the drug ii. Poor and Middle Class 1. Consume the opium where they purchase it iii. Middle, wealthy and higher Chinese Class 1. Bought at retail shops prepared in liquid for smoking and taken home 2. Sometimes in solid form and boiled in their houses. iv. “Opium shops are more numerous than rice shops” 1. Estimated 12 opium shops to the 7 rice shops 2. Estimated several thousand in the city and suburbs e. Available for anyone i. Extensive Native Mercantile Firms 1. Keep it for customers or friends ii. Chinese Physicians 1. Want to be invited by patients 2. Hate not being “treated” iii. Official Employees 1. Connected to police and constables 2. Delay or decline business without opium even when important iv. Wealthy private families 1. Keep opium pipes and figures for fashion 2. Have rooms devoted to smoking 3. Provide platform for convenience f. Effects of opium i. Property and Business Relations 1. Ranging from 2 to 15 dollars per month depending on the case 2. Neglecting of business 3. Inattention to business increases with use 4. Sell own children and wives 5. Become beggars or thieves ii. Injures One’s Health and Bodily Constitution 1. Unable to control oneself and business a. Sneezing b. Gasping c. Pain in bowels d. Looks restless and miserable e. No appetite 2. Opium Devils a. Weakness and indolence i. Unwilling and unable to perform tasks requiring muscle and mental strength ii. Hard to fall asleep due to mental excitement iii. “Makes the day night, and the night of the day” 1. Hours of waking and sleeping iv. “Having three heads” 1. Hunching of shoulders 2. Glaring and no expression v. Nutritious food taken in small quantities irregularly 1. Loss of appetite g. “Have you medicine which will cure it?” i. The people where the drug came from must have a cure according to popular opinion ii. Abundance of opium medicines in China iii. Bewitching influence 1. The inability to break away from the dependency 2. Withdrawal systems make it harder to resist


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